Which is the best book for learning Python for absolute beginners on their own?

Which is the best book for learning python for absolute beginners on their own
There are plenty of books, courses and other tools that you can start if you want to learn Python. But finding the right starter is quintessential in your journey.
If you are setting your goals as learning Python and want to be thorough with what you pick up, the best way is to start with a book. Online courses have their advantages, and taking a course through these books is another beneficial element in your journey:
Python Programming - an Introduction to Computer Science (By John M. Zelle): This book is perfect if you are beginning Python as a newcomer to computer science as a field altogether. This book introduces the concepts of Python and gets you across the necessary computer science concepts as well. It doesn’t water down any concepts and helps you get a good grip on computer science and Python as a package.
Python Crash Course - A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming (By Eric Matthes): Most beginners who take to Python is because of their interest in what computer science can help them design and achieve. And this book delivers precisely the applicability and theory behind designing and using these exciting things. The Python Crash Coursebook helps with learning Python concepts in two well-designed levels. Moreover, this book helps you understand the complexities and working of these Python skills and background knowledge with working examples. You can pick up GUI programming, Internet programming, networking, system programming, among other necessary concepts.
The best part about this book is that it makes use of this fun technique to help you learn all the basics of computer science and programming algorithms along with advanced Python applications like AI, data processing, and so on. Moreover, there are actual examples to pick up and practice, and it is a fascinating read, especially if you are a beginner to computer science.
Another variant of studying Python I would recommend learning from tutorial websites or MOOC sites like Udemy.
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