What We Offer


Business applications

The BA understands business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommends solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Health – the main wealth of the person which needs to be protected. For this reason it is so important that people were informed on various medical institutions and their services. Even in such sphere as health and medicine – creation of the website, is necessary for this purpose that people learned about you.

Publishing and media

P&M is a scholarly communication means which explicitly fulfil the registration function. They link a contribution to an author and thereby guarantee the authors’ priority for that particular finding.

Big Data

BD is a phrase used to mean a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.


E-commerce is integration of web and telecommunication technologies for purpose of selling and buying products or services.

What We Create


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  • Exceed Team Portfolio Thumbnails
  • Exceed Team Portfolio Thumbnails
  • Exceed Team Portfolio Thumbnails
  • Exceed Team Portfolio Thumbnails
  • Exceed Team Portfolio Thumbnails

How We Do Things

  • Analysis

    Our team members will review your short and long term goals, marketing objectives, challenges, target audience and future growth strategies.

  • Planning

    After researching, our creative minds will meet internally and strategize a sitemap as well as develop a working wireframe for our designers to work off of.

  • Design

    The unique and beautiful design does the application successful. Therefore in each application we realize the best and latest design decisions.

  • Development

    Application programming it not just programming. We break tasks, we build architecture of applications and only then we code the application.

  • Testing

    As soon as the application is ready, we comprehensively test it in various conditions and on various devices. The application will be faultless.

  • Launch

    Once the creative team has completed their designs, we’ll convert the static pages into a dynamic web experience and push it live.

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