What is Python used for?

Python syntax allows you to use it in almost all areas, except for system programming, where C++/C is popular.
What is python used for

1. Libraries

A lot of libraries do with Python. This is what makes it possible to make websites and applications faster and more technologically advanced every year.

2. Writing scripts

Python is the best language for writing scripts. Generating data, testing the program, deleting content, and many other functions helps to implement a script written in Python.

3. Creating backends

Instagram and many other popular platforms use the Python backend. Common frameworks include Django, Flask, and Pyramid. This makes it easier to work and quickly make updates.

4. Data modeling and analysis

Build data frames, perform matrix operations, and give the specified data the appearance of a graph or table with an explanation - all this is in the power of Python. It is actively used for scientific and medical purposes.

5. The future

Python is used to create future technologies such as:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Face Recognition
  • Enterprise applications and many others
All this is possible thanks to a reliable library base, as well as open-source Python frameworks and tools.
This is the compressed information that Python is used for. In practice, you can find even more uses for this programming language. The Exceed Team wishes you success in learning Python!
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