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Feb 10 2021
What are the easiest programming languages
Before we provide you with a list of easy-to-use and popular programming languages, the Exceed Team considers it important to clarify:
If you are interested in which languages are in demand in 2021, you can check out our blog, where we compare programming languages and provide up-to-date statistics for 2021.

“Which capsule will Neo choose?”

There is an opinion that novice developers have only one choice from two directions:
  1. Choose easy programming languages
  2. Choose heavy programming languages
In practice, you can come to a specific development language in different ways. Someone went to study and tried several programming languages at their school. Another developer came to the language that he uses, deciding to create a specific project. There are many options, and beginners often resort to viewing the world rankings of the popularity of languages.
Experienced programmers can know a particular language well and understand the base of other languages. This is necessary if the task requires the use of another language and you will need to quickly understand it.

List of light programming languages

But for starters, it's best to choose simple languages. Based on Statista statistics for 2021, the ranking of popular programming languages is as follows:
List of light programming languages
Of these, both popular and not so difficult to use are:
1. JavaScript
The simplicity of JavaScript lies in its purpose. It is designed specifically for non-programmers. Novice developers note its convenience. This has served the spread of JavaScript, since this language does not need a compiler and it displays the finished result immediately upon completion of development. This makes it easier for programmers and testers to work. Most browsers serve as the default environment for JavaScript. This makes it popular, and existing frameworks and libraries allow you to implement the most complex projects in JavaScript.
2. Python
Python is a high-level programming language, because it is possible to develop projects with machine learning and AI. Python is easy because of its syntax and simple code. On the basis of Python, there are a huge number of libraries and frameworks that exceed even JavaScript in number. It is used when you need a unique solution and easy scaling of the project.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to encode most web pages. This language has an intuitive structure and makes it easy to find and fix code errors. It is also supported with JavaScript in a number of functions.
4. С
Everyone is afraid of the mention of C++ and C#. If in the future you want to switch to such heavy programming languages, then it is best to start with a general-purpose language. C runs Windows, Photoshop, and a number of other popular applications. C is easy to learn because of its simple 32-keyword syntax and clear data structure.
5. Java
Java has lost its position to JavaScript in recent years, but it has not left the top popular programming languages. It is designed for development in various fields and exists under the motto: "create code once, run it where necessary”. Developers of security applications, and absolutely all programmers working with the server part, have a special love for Java. This is made possible by the clear syntax and its clear structure.
Every day, the Exceed Team releases blog articles that will explain in detail the essence of the listed and complex programming languages. This can help you create the project you need. We wish you good luck in your development!
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