Web development and design trends

So, for this article, we used Stack Overflow, TIOBE, Hired ratings, and other analytics.
Programming Languages 2021:
  • TypeScript boldly entered the top 10 programming languages, although it once showed promising results. It confidently remains in the top 5 of various ratings (from Hired to Octoverse), and Google and Microsoft are actively developing, which indicates its demand in the coming year.
  • JS still leads the Octoverse rankings. Of course, there are a number of complaints about some of its shortcomings, but it is not out of the top 10 popular and popular languages and will not be released next year.
  • Python has every chance to throw JS off its pedestal, as in the TIOBE rating. It is the best language for machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence, web development, and data analysis. And since all these areas are now rapidly developing, the demand for Python developers will only grow.
  • The language that will definitely be on the list of popular languages in 2021 is Go. Yes, it is one of the 10 fastest growing languages by popularity, simple, and what is even more interesting-Google is working on Go 2, which means that it increases its stability.
  • Kotlin, like GO, is not a fashionable language at all, BUT it also refers to the rapidly developing and gaining popularity of programming languages, which means that it can easily enter the trend of 2021.
  • C languages-the greatest demand for them is waiting for the game industry.
And now let's move on to the trends of web development, or rather to what will continue to develop, will be interesting to investors and will "develop" in the next year:
  • PWA;
  • AI;
  • Web Build;
  • Voice search and navigation;
  • Serverless architecture.
And finally, design trends:
  • Immersive 3d elements.
  • Soft shadows, layers, and floats-all for more depth and lightness at the same time.
  • Superimposing graphic elements on a photo.
  • Vector graphics, since everything boils down to the fact that a high-quality website should be able to entertain the client and attract his attention, which means that only SVG can help us.
  • In general, AI, voice assistants, VR and AR are already influencing the design and will further change and complement it.
I hope that the article was useful and interesting to you and for someone it may have become a kind of vector in terms of development.
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