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May 11 2021
In this post, we’re going to examine incredibly useful web development resources and how you can get benefit from them. Every resource on this list is free for personal use and will help you to become more productive.
With annual revenue of more than 130.5 million dollars, Figma is probably the most valued company on the list. Figma is a web-based tool and design platform that is build to help you make a blueprint for your website. Figma has a million plugins, themes, and UI kits that you can work with but its greatest strength is that it provides real-time collaboration with your project partners. It allows you to build up libraries of reusable components which your project partners can access.
CodeSandbox is an online code editor which accelerates your process of creating web applications. But I think it's much more than just an online editor it allows you to share your code and collaborate with other partners. This is a simple and effective solution for creating small web applications quickly.
30 seconds of code is not an online code editor instead it provides you the most popular used code snippets for your preferred language. Currently, it supports many front-end languages including JavaScript and ReactJS. You can search for any specific code snippets like shown below and it will give you an idea of how to use that snippet in your code.
Bootstrap Studio is a desktop application intended to help designers create beautiful and appealing website experiences. It has a beautiful and powerful interface, which is built around the simplicity of drag and drop. Because it's built using the well-known Bootstrap framework, Bootstrap studio provides clean and straightforward exportation choices, allowing any developer to easily create websites.
This website will soon become your daily driver once you start implementing its UI components in your projects. It provides every sort of components such as login page, donation page, and forms which you can embed smoothly and speed up your project.
With more than 6 million active users and a revenue of 61 million dollars, this is the largest platform where designers flaunt their work. Dribble is an online community where designers exhibit their work and made networks with like-minded people. In short, Dribble is LinkedIn for designers and goldmine for developers looking for design ideas.
Netlify has hosted projects for more than 800,000 developers and it’s a very reliable resource that you can trust. It’s biggest feature is that it’s simple to use and provides you a 10x faster path to host and secure your web apps. However, netlify only hosts front-end projects and not full stack projects. But don’t worry I have got you covered on everything.
Learning a skill requires both time and effort. You need to understand the difference between when to start a project from scratch and when to insert code snippets. Make sure you know how these code snippets work before you copy them for your projects. Do you want to add any other tools to this list? Do you have any experience with any of these tools? Share your thoughts.
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