How to start to be a web designer?

Guys, I want to share my little revelation about education. I graduated from the University of Civil Engineering, passed advanced training as a construction project manager, entered the Peoples ' Friendship University for a master's degree and it would seem that everything is great, but after working for half a year I realized that I do not like the job, not to mention the master's degree, one name and a crust for a tick.
In his spare time at work, he began to study Internet marketing, advertising and design. And yet there is a great craving for web design, since it is not the same type, each project is new and there is something attractive about it, but there was a difficulty. Do I need a web designer's degree to qualify for a high PO and a position in the studio, or can I independently upgrade my skills and get a job in a good web studio?
Good luck and peace to all!))
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