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Feb 08 2021
How to learn python

1. Motivation

Motivation is the key to success, but if you keep it. Python will help you develop almost all existing technologies:
And many other areas where Python is used. Choose one or two areas for yourself to specify your training and see the finished result from the completed task. For example, you want to develop a website. When you learn how to write elements for a future site in Python, it will be much easier for you not to lose motivation.

2. Basics Of Python

Ignorance of the basics delays your learning and work. Learn the basics of Python to the extent that you can confidently start working on your project. Whether you will need a deeper knowledge you can only understand in practice.
To learn the basics, you can read the Python tutorial on the main Python language site.

3. Project structure

Some people have a hard time learning theory. If you are one of them, then your learning model is practice. Developing a project is one of the best ways to master Python.
If you are afraid of the volume of the task-write the structure of the project and follow it on the principle of "from simple to complex".
Pygame tutorials - pygame (библиотека Python для создания игр) имеет хороший список учебников, который поможет вам учиться на практике.

4. Independence

During the training, you will need to look for answers to the questions that arise, perhaps you will find a mentor for yourself. And it's a great learning method.
But the more you start to know, the more independent you should be. Aim to be able to do as much as possible in Python. This way you can create your own and third-party projects and learn new technologies faster. If you always wait for help from the outside, you risk getting stuck in one place.

5. Difficulty level

Increase the level of complexity and scale of the projects you are working on. As soon as you feel safe in Python, it's a signal to start learning something new.
Also, you should not forget about consolidating the knowledge that you have. You can remember them:
Python is constantly evolving. To expand your knowledge of Python, you need to find the right motivation and see how your project gets better. Good luck learning from the Exceed Team.
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