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Apr 18 2021
We are so lucky to be born or live in the digital age, as we have an app for almost everything. But the fact is that not every application is successful. If you are browsing your mobile phone, there may be a few apps that have won a favorite place in your heart, while many of them may not have been able to impress you. Do you know why? The answer lies in its features. Now I will tell you some of the key features of mobile app development that can lead to the success of a mobile app.

Key features of a successful mobile app:

1. Voice Search
With the above-given statistics, you can now well aware of an important feature that an app should have for success. Voice search lets the user ask questions on a smartphone verbally instead of typing it. Advance voice search understands local languages very well, which boosts the search volume and hence the popularity. You can consult your mobile app development company to incorporate the voice feature in your app.
2. Augmented Reality Today everything is about user experience and with augmented reality, it got enhanced. It helps to integrate the physical environment with the digital information live and in real-time. If you go by statistics, by the year 2023 the projected value of AR is 18 billion USD. So, if you are in the development zone, ensure to include AR in your app to improve the decision-making capability of users. 3. Secure Payment Gateway With the rise of digital commerce, there is always the worry of financial fraud in the consumers’ minds, and to tackle this problem and ensure good faith in your brand, it becomes vital to opt for a secure payment gateway. Customer’s reliability and brand credibility play a prime role in improving brand loyalty. 4. Order Tracking The golden rule of a successful business is never to keep your customers waiting. To ensure a good relationship with your customers, offer order tracking features in the application. Buyers might not like to wait for their package to be delivered, but with this feature, they can track where their package has reached and can adjust the delivery time as per their schedule. 5. Easy Navigation Another simple yet effective feature is an easy navigation of the application. It is vital to plan specifically on how users will navigate to the application. Adding more complexity to the application will only add mess and hence unsatisfied users’ experience. Hence, it is vital to navigate seamless screen to the screen navigation. 6. Social Media Integration Social media presence plays an important role not only in your social life but in business too. You need to incorporate social media sharing options in your application to speed up the growth of your business. With the SHARE, LIKE, and COMMENT option, you can open the gate of opportunities for your business. That's all, I hope this little post was useful for you. What do you think about it, could you add something? I will be glad of any feedback, thank you for reading and have a nice day)
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