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Apr 20 2021
Do you want to redesign your website? We have covered all the latest and modern web design trends for 2021 that you shouldn’t miss. This will completely improve your brand identity and gives you a different outlook. So, let’s dive deeper and understand more about web design first.
What is web design? As the name suggests, web designing is all about improving your old or existing website giving a new and minimalistic touch to make it look modern and different. Here, a professional web designer apparently works on the appearance, layout, color combination, selection and arrangement of an icon, images used, and more.
The Market Overview: Modern Web Design Trends The global web designing trend is growing at a rapid pace and with the constant evolution in technology, it brings advanced ideas to the coming years. Moreover, the market size of the Web Design Services industry is expected to increase by 3.1% in 2021. Is Learning Web Design Worth It? As you know the world is going digital and with business coming online, the demand for website development starts roaring high. On the other side, website development and web designing go hand in hand. So, this correlation clearly reveals that learning web designing is totally worth it. Moreover, it’s really good to keep exploring and expanding the base of designing to offer something new and innovative to your audience. Do you agree with me?
Here we have discussed 8+ Modern Web Design trends that you shouldn’t miss for 2021. 1. Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation Are you reading this on your phones right now? Now, look at how you are holding it. Certainly, your fingers are wrapped around the mobile phone and you are using your thumb to move up and down your screens. This thumb friendly mobile navigation is one of the Modern Web Design Trends that makes your web design a more responsive option. Because the majority of people use mobile in that way. So, focus on the navigation bar, contact buttons and menu. 2. Vintage-Inspired Colors & Typography This is true, the older we get, the more we crave for vintage inspired things and often relish the beauty of earlier days. The same thought goes with web designing when you select vintage inspired colors and typography as your brand identity. This is one of the latest trends in web design that mixes vintage pieces with the modern style. So, you can go with some contemporary images, vintage based colors and typos to give it a traditional look. 3. Dark Mode Dark Mode is a modern web design trend for 2021 that has numerous functions. When you select dark mode, it automatically highlights the content you wanted to display. Generally, this kind of black and white web design trend is mainly preferred for personal blogging. On a practical note, dark mode reduces eye strain and easily gives an ultra-modern look to your website. 4. Organic Shapes Organic Shapes or Geometric Shapes are the latest web design trends that don’t involve any straight or slanting lines. It just includes organic shapes like a circle, semi-circle, or any without any harsh edges or angles. This makes your website look simple and minimalistic. You can select any background color that perfectly complements your uploaded image. For the best results, you can hire a professional web designer who can get you the most realistic shapes. 5. VR Today VR experiences on the website are growing exponentially and will continue to in 2021. It has become Modern Web Design Trends. So, when you have VR on your website, it lets users have a 360-degree view of your product. It ensures credibility and gives them a reason to wait to look at your screen. Through VR, you can definitely increase the chances of making meaningful buying decisions. Make sure you have interactive content to bring more users to your site. 6. Chatbots Become Human-like Chatbots are new websites designs trends in 2021 that contribute crucially to improving customer support and user experience. With these trends in web design, chatbots will be available to chat and interact with users and resolve their doubts at any point in time. This modern website design is completely a replacement of humans because humans cannot be available for you but chatbots can. It exactly gives a feeling of chatting to a live person. 7. 3D Interactive Design 3D website design is one of the most interactive and innovative web design that gives your brand a standout from others. Generally, 3D design has become enormously popular in jewellery business, art and design, real estate business and many more to increase the interest level of users. With the growing technologies, 3D designs have turned out to be the modern web design examples that automatically increase the visibility of your products. 8. Neumorphism Lastly, Neumorphism is really winning hearts with such an embossed impression. Wondering what Neumorphism is? This is undoubtedly one of the latest website designs that give a 3D effect to your icons in web development. Second, it brings out the trend of flat designs where you can realize buttons, search bars and text boxes could be so interesting. Try these website designing trends and share your views in a comment, which one have you selected. Let us know if we miss anything!
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