We build custom food delivery apps for startups and businesses of any size. Our solution will adapt to your needs, goals, requirements, and a specific market niche
Food Delivery Startup
Single Chef
Single Food Store
Single Restaurant
Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
Food/Restaurant Chains
Restaurant Aggregator
Online Food Marketplace
MVP Food Delivery App Development
We create a Minimum Viable Product for your project’s fast launch to the market with some key functionality to gather the initial user audience and test your business idea
Custom Food Delivery App Development
This way, an app is specifically designed and developed for your business goals, customer audience, monetization model, and other requirements
White Label Food Delivery App Development
This is perfect for those who want to start a food delivery business and rely on a secure, well-known product. We have a few “white label” app solutions with ready-made features and proven marketing models
Exceed Team can help you build an app like
easy-to-manage food delivery software
You can get all the useful features for a Customer app, Courier app, Restaurant app, and Admin panel. Your product will satisfy every need in the food ordering and delivery process
Easy Ordering
Using a Customer app, anyone can select dishes, choose the quantity, set a delivery address, and make a secure payment online
Clever Search System
Using a Customer app, a user can quickly search nearest restaurants and preferred dishes applying advanced filter options and GPS location
Order Management
Using a Restaurant app, you immediately get all information about each new order. The restaurant administrator checks availability, accepts an order, and controls the preparation
Delivery Management
Using a Courier app, delivery people immediately get notifications about new trips to accept or reject. Each courier has a user profile with trip history, earnings, and other information
Admin Dashboard
Using an Admin panel, admins can view and manage information on customers, restaurants, couriers, menus, prices, promo codes, earnings, taxes, and so on. You can send promotional emails, push notifications, and SMS. One more option is managing all your restaurants or food stores with one dashboard to keep track of sales easily
Other top-notch features of food delivery software
  • Quick registration and social login
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Saved delivery address and payment data
  • Order history
  • Online/offline mode for couriers
  • Rates and reviews
Technology we use
Discover the high-performance, reliable stack of technologies helping us build innovative, secure, and fast loading apps for the food delivery industry
Amazon web services
Android studio
Google Wallet
We use Agile methods and work in 2-week sprints to complete a specified amount of work. Each sprint ends with certain results. The development process at Exceed Team consists of several stages
Project analysis
We collect all information from you to create specifications and estimate costs and time
Project manager
Solution engineer
UX/UI designer
Product design
The work starts with our UX/UI designers preparing prototypes of each app screen. They create visual concepts for you to choose
UX/UI designer
Project manager
Development & QA tests
Frontend and backend development is being done in sprints. Quality assurance (QA) supports each and every stage to get rid of bugs and other problems
Project manager
Web developers
QA engineer
Our specialists make your product available online and give you access credentials
Web developers
QA engineer
Project manager
More improvement and extension may be done per request. It typically includes fixing bugs or implementing new features
Project manager
QA engineer
UX/UI designer
FAQ on FOOD Delivery
Answering popular questions on food delivery software development and our workflow
How does food delivery software work?
If you have a restaurant, store, or delivery service you can effectively use web-based tools to organize all processes in one place — from menu editing to employee management. Digital dashboards visualize key data for you.
Why should a food delivery business get an app?
Food delivery software allows you to reach out to a wide customer audience. And your employees benefit from mobility and convenient use of the app
Is it profitable to make a delivery app for a small restaurant?
Yes, it is. An online ordering system can help reduce many expenses if you are a small restaurant.
How much time does the food delivery app development take?
If you need an MVP or white label solution, it can be developed within a month. In case you go for a custom solution, the team will need 2-4 months to design, code, and test it.
How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?
The end product may cost from $10,000 to $80,000, depending on its sophistication including type (MVP, white-label, or custom), features, platforms (iOS or Android, or both), integrations with other services, etc.
Do you provide support after launch?
Yes, we provide support and maintenance as an additional service, by request. Ordering a custom solution, you’ll get six months of free support.
What steps should I take to build food delivery software?
You can take 5 primary steps: 1. Choose your business model. 2. Select the type of software, such as custom, white-label, or MVP. 3. Select the features you need. 4. Choose the development company and discuss the tech stack, your business requirements, and other details. 5. Take part in online meetings with the team, provide us with information and leave the rest to us.
I have a question that is not listed here
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