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Kout is an e-commerce platform aggregating products from retailers like Amazon, Asos, House of Fraser and many others. Rather than buying products directly, customers play a free game (it is something similar to a scratch card) for a chance to win discounts, ranging from 2% to 99% off.

  • The story behind Kout IO

    KoutIO is an aggregator of a large number of multi-brand products from various platforms, where the user can win any product by playing a simple online game. Founder Samuel Huber came up with an idea to develop this product. We liked the existing concept, as such platforms really stimulate online products and we took up this project eagerly.

  • Analysis

    This project is a unique idea in the field of online shopping. Retailers are enthusiastic about these products and support them, as they help to convert about 4% of users into real buyers.

  • Our solutions

    We have created a web application that allows customers to receive information about current discounts on goods of interest on retailer sites and due to the playing an online game and earning points, receive the goods completely free of charge.


October 2015 - November 2016
Backend - 1 Frontend - 1
Designed the UI/UX
Designed the UI/UX

We created the basic structure of the site, developed navigation and made the user interface based on two colors. The client wanted to use a red color for emphasis, as the main idea of ​​the site was a game that attracted attention.

Developed the frontend
Developed the frontend

The client did not want to use any frameworks, so it was decided to use jQuery. The site layout was done using the Twitter Bootstrap toolkit. We made a decision to place the goods using the Masonry style in order to put more goods on the page. Server-side loading of goods was also implemented while scrolling. One of the main elements at the front was a Minesweeper style game. The client wanted it to be in pure JavaScript and animation in CSS3. We also liked this idea so we implemented it eagerly.

Developed the backend
Developed the backend

The server part was developed by using NodeJS + MongoDB technology. We also built a parser engine, which constantly monitors discounts on retailer sites and updates the existing database. The client wished to use SocketIO technology to get the game results in real time. The entire backend structure has been developed in accordance with the best international practices. It is fully documented and ready for further expansion and support.

Implemented features

A standard Facebook login module has been developed.

A registered user has the opportunity to play an interesting animated online game to buy goods at a discount, or get it absolutely free.

A quick auto-complete search was implemented on a system that offers options while entering keywords.

We also implemented an opportunity to replenish the base of retailers' products constantly with the help of integrated Web API and the parsers we wrote.

The Payment System was implemented on the basis of Paypal integration.

We have proposed and implemented a good option for navigating the catalogs and brands of the products presented on the website.

Technology Stack

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