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The Kiskadi CRM

It is a Brazilian retail system for improving after-sales customer management for the network. It offers a system of the loyalty program, CRM, campaigns, and personalized after-sales through SMS, WhatsApp, and email. It also could be integrated with your store's ERP.

  • Project idea

    The Kiskadi website is designed to track shoppers’ behavior. A supplier can analyze the customer’s needs and view various metrics. The system can also send different kinds of messages to improve communication between sellers and consumers.

  • The story behind Kiskadi

    Kiskadi is a Brazilian stable platform with over 700 active stores. As we received an offer to work there, our main aims were to set a complete redesign of the SMS campaign’s screens and to improve the metrics block. It was very interesting for us to take part in the redesign of the screens and the development of new functionalities for this website. Moreover, this is our first client from Brazil.

  • Project Goals

    • Building a retail consumer accounting system
    • Creating a personalized bonus program that encourages the buyer to return to the store
    • Formation of a complete buyers ‘profile and tracking their actions
    • Sending messages, e-mail or WhatsApp messages to customers with CRM, as well as
    • Tracking how they affect purchases
    • Setting goals for the sales team and tracking metrics

Team & Duration

September 2018 - March 2020
Frontend - 1 Backend - 1
Our solutions
Our solutions
  • A new design of SMS module was implemented
  • We optimized and refactored code, optimized data processing and increased the performance of the entire application as well
  • We automated internal business processes
  • Our team created block design metrics

Implemented features

We had to change the logic of previous screens in order to create a new SMS screen design. So the new actions were done on the controllers, SMS models were improved and new routes were created.

We implemented the metrics module, as suppliers needed to look at indicators of message sending (quantity, money spent, etc.).

We needed to create new scripts-handlers and controllers that would distribute queues for sending messages to develop automatic message sending

Managers should be able to view all the indicators of the system, for example: How many new stores were registered last month? How many new consumers were there? How many messages were sent? So, we created a module taking into account the wishes of the client

Functionality was implemented to install franchise plans for specific stores, as well as tracking profit indicators.

Sellers are also able to visualize all metrics with graphics. These various graphics are built using Google Charts and use separate controllers and models.

Technology Stack

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