Brazilian business platform for improving after-sales customer management for your network. The platform aims to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency in the retail industry by creating a convenient system of automatized sending of messages, up-to-date reports and collecting of statistic data.

The project idea
The Kiskadi website is created for tracking the behavior of a store’s consumers. A Vendor can analyze consumers' needs and looks through many kinds of metrics. The System also can send different kind of messages for improving a connection between a vendor and consumers.
What should be done
  • Creating a personalized points program that encourages the customer to return to the store
  • Creating a complete portfolio of customers and capture of the important information for the store
  • Sending SMS, email or WhatsApp to your customers directly from your computer and know the impact on your sales by following the metrics.
  • Improving the relationships between you and your customer.

The story behind Kiskadi

The Kiskadi is Brazilian stable platform with more than 700 active stores. When we received an offer to work at this project, the main goals were a full redesign of sms campaign screens and improving metrics block. We were very interested to take part in redesigning screens and developing new functionality for this website.

Business tasks

  • Improvement of the operational efficiency
  • Partial automatization of business processes
  • Collecting of the statistical data
  • Automatization of processes of sending emails/messages
  • Reporting


Input data

  • New design of sms screens
  • Automate sending messages
  • New idea of how to collect metrics


  • We discussed the phased implementation of all new features
  • Designed logic of new screens
  • Determined cases and ways of automated sending


  • Renewed screens
  • System of sending automated sms/email/WhatsApp
  • New block of collecting and displaying consumers metrics

Development process

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

Dealing with sms functionality

To create a new design of sms screen, we needed to change some logic of existing screens. So we created new actions for existing controllers, improved sms models and created new routes.

Dealing with sms functionality

The vendors needed to look through metrics of sending SMS (quantity, spent money, etc). To resolve it, we implemented a block of screen metrics with a list of sms campaigns. Also, we expanded existing functionalities adding a couple of new ones.


To develop an automated sending of messages we needed to create new workers and controllers, which could track when the messages should be sent.

SMS automatization

The managers need to look into a full system of metrics, for example: - how many new stores were registered last month? - how many new consumers? - how many messages were sent? We designed absolutely new block with these business metrics.

The implementation of some filters

SMS can be sent to different consumers. Vendors can filter consumers by many different filters. We optimized the performance of this screen by using database replication and workers

Franchise plans

A store can belong to some franchise. Franchise owners can look through metrics of the whole franchise and each store.


Vendors also have an opportunity to visualize all metrics with graphics. Different graphics were built with Google Charts and use separate controllers and models.
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