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It is a real estate platform for investment and development holding.

  • The story behind Ingrad

    Ingrad is one of the largest investment and development holdings in Russia. The head-office of the company is located in Moscow. They asked us to develop a site that will help customers successfully select real estate from property developers, and choose the desired layout as well.

  • Analysis

    The Internet is the first place where the real estate buyers are looking for houses. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 50% of buyers found their homes on the Internet, while only 28% found them through an agent. This means that the real estate agents have to compete with online real estate platforms or take advantage of them and attract more customers.

  • Our client’s request & solution

    A chief specialist from Ingrad contacted us with the idea of ​​developing a property developer site. We have developed a web-system with a modern design, which contains a detailed description of Ingrad, including a mortgage calculator, an interactive part for choosing houses, layouts, as well as a system for posting information on various privileges and promotions, so that potential customers could have all the necessary information about Ingrad and learned more about their offers.


January 2019 – October 2019
Backend - 1 Frontend - 2 PM - 1
Designed the UI/UX
Designed the UI/UX

Our client came with his own design concept, but during the development process, we proposed improvements and modernization of some elements that helped to improve the user experience.

Developed the frontend
Developed the frontend

We decided to develop a client part using ReactJs, because of the client’s need in a progressive and modern SPA site. This allowed us to build a supported and scalable project for the frontend. Bootstrap + HTML5 were used for a layout. One of interesting client's requests was to build an interactive graphic selection system for new buildings, where the buyer had the opportunity to see a graphically completed picture of the presented residential complex and select the house of interest with a floor just by clicking on it,was implemented with the help of Rect Polygon

Developed the backend
Developed the backend

A modern NodeJs technology was used to develop the backend. We used MongoDB to store user data. Within the help of NodeJs technology, our progressive RestAPI has been created, all the code has been documented, and it is fully prepared for further expansion and support as well. Implemented features Real estate displayed with filtering The user can view all real estate objects with all the necessary information on a map or a list, and filter it by parameters of interest.

Implemented features

The user can view all real estate objects with all the necessary information on a map or a list, and filter it by parameters of interest.

Nowadays, it is impossible to submit any real estate site without a mortgage calculator. Ingrad is not an exception, an individual calculator was developed here for calculating mortgages for various programs from leading partner banks as well

The client can contact our support service via Telegram / WhatsApp / LiveChat / Email from any page of the site, and call a taxi to get to the apartment complex of interest as well

We have possibly implemented the most unique system in the RealEstate industry for the selection of Ingrad real estate properties. Having selected the housing complex of interest, the user can graphically see in full all the objects and the surrounding area, simply by clicking on the 3D model of the house of interest, find out all the necessary information about the layout, construction progress, etc.

In addition to LiveChat, the buyer can ask any question of interest by filling out the form on the site and leaving your contact details for further communication

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