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Why developers love Angular?

Angular has been launched by Google in 2009, and only 10 years later it became the second popular choice among professionals, says Stack Overflow’s research. Web and mobile developers state lots of reasons why they prefer this JavaScript-based framework above others.
  1. Everything is ready and handy. Angular developers love the environment with all basic tools and features. You don’t need additional libraries to build a simple app. The use of ready-made components from the official Angular library also ensures safety and code quality. Preconfigured features help in both development and testing.
  2. The code is clean with TypeScript. This programming language has a strong typization that makes the code easy-readable and safe, finding common errors faster, and operating large databases more convenient. Make sure to hire Angular developers with perfect knowledge of TypeScript and JavaScript.
  3. A consistent codebase. There is one clear way to build components, modules, and services in Angular. Creating standard repeatable blocks is also easy with a CLI tool. These features become crucial when you hire new Angular developers to work on a half-finished project – the team can easily navigate through the code and find out how everything was built.
  4. Modular structure. One of the main advantages of Angular is dividing code into useful modules and creating standard fragments. It helps in many ways, from an app’s functionality organization to development time reduction.
  5. Easy updates and maintenance. When developers use a new major version, all Angular packages (the library, routing, HTTP, etc.) are updated simultaneously. It becomes easy to decouple, improve, and replace components. If you hire Angular developers for your project, they will make the best of the quickness and easiness to reduce an app’s development time.
  6. The official library. Angular Material contains lots of UI components and modules, e.g. buttons, navigation patterns, indicators, form controls, and etc. All of them are created according to the latest guidelines and adapted for popular browsers.
  7. The highest productivity. Everything works smoothly and fast with this framework, which saves much time, helps in bugs-catching, and allows recently hired Angular developers to start on a project quickly. Many Angular projects are open-source, which gives opportunities to add new elements, enhance the performance, simplify the process, and speed up the development.
There is a wide range of Angular libraries, and developers can choose from the list to find the most suitable one for your project requirements.
  1. Angular Material – an official component library that includes a toolbar menu, a grid list, chips, progress bars, tabs, etc.
  2. NG Bootstrap – is aimed to replace Angular UI-bootstrap; provides components like Typehead, Datepicker, Tooltip, etc.
  3. NG Semantic UI – a library created with Angular 2 and Semantic UI; provides sidebars, buttons, menus, lists, segments, messages, and many other components.
  4. Clarity – an open-source library, extremely helpful for developers and designers.
  5. NG-Zorro – written in TypeScript, it’s the most popular library in SaaS app development.
  6. Prime NG – a professionally designed library providing components like scrollpanel, lightbox, toolbar, datagrid, tabview panel, etc.

What are the most common Angular developers’ mistakes?

Both junior and experienced developers can make mistakes while coding, and it’s important to prevent them. Major pitfalls are the following:
  1. Not unsubscribed, which causes memory leaks.
  2. Codes aren’t organized properly, e.g. extra concept put into a controller.
  3. Constant use of jQuery, which isn’t always appropriate for Angular.
  4. Direct changes to the DOM, which causes additional problems.
  5. Announcing one component in many NgModules without a connection between them.
  6. Not practicing helpful methods, e.g. $applyAsync.
  7. Not using helpful tools, e.g. the Batarang extension.
  8. Not examining an app before launching.
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What best Angular developers should know

Angular is one of the best options when it comes to major enterprise projects. Are you planning to hire senior Angular developers? Make sure to test their knowledge of the main tools and practices.
  1. Angular CLI – the official tool that simplifies app development and enables adding new components, modules, services, and other elements without much typing.
  2. NPM (Node Package Manager) – useful not only for Node.js developers but for Angular developers as well. We recommend you to hire specialists who know how to install and use various web development packages.
  3. HTML and CSS – fundamental technologies for any web developer. They are essential for senior Angular developers, as they allow building user interfaces and editing ready-made elements from libraries.
  4. TypeScript – a programming language on which Angular is written. Developers use it to ensure strong typing, catch bugs, and generally make an app more reliable and easy to modify.
  5. RxJS – a library for reactive programming that allows performing lots of tasks with Angular, e.g. HTTP requests or consistent API.
  6. Git – software for coders that allows experimenting while saving various working versions of the code. It’s also extremely useful when your team of the hired Angular developers is working on the same project.
  7. PWA (Progressive Web Application) – a solution to make a website looking and functioning like a mobile app. It works faster and provides a greater user experience than native apps.
It’s very helpful for senior Angular developers to use functions like trackBy

 	<li *ngFor="let item of itemList; trackBy: trackByFn">


Load items

export class MyApp {

getItems() { // load more items }

trackByFn(index, item) {
return index; // or item.id
Angular developers should also know ngFor:
<li *ngFor="let item of itemList;">{{item.id}}</li>
When senior and middle Angular developers want to enhance their productivity they use the Lazy Loading Feature Module:
// app.routing.ts
{ path: 'not-lazy-loaded', component: NotLazyLoadedComponent }

What you should know to hire Angular developers

Developers soft skills review

The specific personal characteristics are essential for web and mobile developers. Soft skills for Angular developers include:
  1. Cooperation. Advice: hire Angular developers from outsourcing companies, as they’re perfect at teamwork.
  2. Empathy. Advice: make sure that you hire developers who acknowledge the target audience’s needs, understand problems, help each other, and keep up good teamwork.
  3. Time-management. Advice: hire senior Angular developers who effectively apply time-management strategies.
  4. Trainability. Advice: your Angular developers should love learning and keep up with technical updates and trends.
  5. Open-mindedness. Advice: hire Angular developers who are able to accept new ideas from themselves, team members, and clients.
  6. Patience. Advice: it’s good for developers to remain patient while explaining work issues to juniors or non-tech specialists.
  7. Accountability. Advice: hire Angular developers who take responsibility for problem-solving and the results.

Developers technical Angular skills review

Exceed Team’s specialists are skilled and experienced, and so must be the Angular developers that you hire. The following hard skills are required:
  1. Expert in Angular and JavaScript.
  2. Knows other languages, e.g. TypeScript, C, Nim.
  3. Works with Angular tools, e.g. Karma, Augury, Stackblitz, etc.
  4. Works with the most common Angular libraries.
  5. Writes clean and readable code.
  6. Knows additional technologies like databases, cloud software, etc.

What's the hiring Angular developers workflow

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How much does it cost to hire Angular developers?

Your project scope

The breadth of your project will define how much time it takes to complete it and how many Angular developers you need to hire. Consider your requirements and deadlines. Describe them precisely, give the specific details – and developers will provide more accurate estimates about time, cost, etc.

Angular developers experience

Developers' level of experience is divided into three main categories: Junior, Middle, and Senior. You can hire a junior Angular developer for a low-cost project, e.g. a company’s landing page. The more advanced your project is, the more qualified dev team you hire. The middle and senior Angular developers have 3+ years of experience; they are proficient at JavaScript and the required technology stacks.

Location of the hired Angular developers

It’s possible to save your budget if you wisely choose the Angular developers' location and timezone. Eastern Europe is the best option in terms of quality, efficiency, and money-saving. You also need to think about your hiring strategy – an outsourced team of Angular developers is more reliable than a freelancer.

What's the checklist to successfully hire Angular developers?

We’ve prepared some helpful tips that you need to check before making the final decision. A qualified Angular developer should have:
  1. A relevant portfolio. Check out if a developer has experience with technologies your app requires and the industry it will be built for.
  2. Teamwork experience. Make sure your Angular developers can effectively communicate and solve problems together.
  3. Understanding of your project. Ask questions, discuss ideas
  4. Previous clients’ reviews. Check out rating platforms like Good Firms and Clutch to hire the most qualified Angular developers from outsourcing companies.
  5. Availability in your timezone. You need to know a developer’s operating hours to keep in touch and discuss important steps.
  6. Affordable price. Yet, consider if the price corresponds with the quality.

Ways to hire Angular developers

Hourly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Monthly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
(168 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Part time hiring
Duration: 4 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project

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