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Mar 18 2021
A web application is a necessary tool for any business in 2021.


After the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses won't be the same. The sharp decline in the flow of customers made it clear to all entrepreneurs that without introducing web applications into their work, they will lose their profits.
According to the Fundera portal:
All of this data is collected in the United States and Canada. However, because of the beginning the pandemic, entrepreneurs around the world have such ways to deal with the problem of self-isolation:
The departure of small and medium-sized businesses to the sites of other companies, such as Alibaba, eBay and many others, have to accept the rules of such sites. Often, any account improvements are made for a fee. This is not a bad thing, because the business world needs constant cash flow. But for small and micro-businesses, it can be too expensive to pay for additional features of large sites.
At the same time, going to social networks looks like a more loyal option. There is nothing wrong with it, as social media gathers large audiences. However, entrepreneurs should perceive them as an opportunity to partially market and advertise their business. This is due to the risks that the sale of goods carries, exclusively using social networks:
Bankruptcy is the worst option for any business. Until 2020, many entrepreneurs carried out their activities on credit. When the pandemic came and the flow of customers was reduced as much as possible, the entrepreneurs fell into a trap. This trap is debts to creditors and banks.
To avoid bankruptcy, entrepreneurs choose to go to large platforms, social networks, or create/develop their own web application.
Having own web application, an entrepreneur can:
And much more, the “Exceed Team” will tell you about in the next paragraph.


There are many types of web applications. Every business can create a web application by describing their preferences. The main types of web applications are:
  1. Standard web applications. Most or all of the necessary functions of the future application are in special libraries. This speeds up their development;
  2. Unique features of web applications. Unique functions include those that have not yet been recorded in the library and have not been applied anywhere in the world. Such web applications require time-consuming development but set the business apart from the competition.
For 2021, even different types of AI are already the first type of web applications. All you need to describe the functionality of the web application.
Application functions are formed depending on the type of business. For instance:
Describing all types of business, which you can create a web application for, is very long. From the examples above, you may have noticed the division into functions that are already used in most web applications and new ideas for functions.


Most web applications contain basic and advanced functionality.
Before describing advanced features for travel applications, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic ones.
Basic functions of most web applications:
These features are expected to be seen by users of the 2021 web application. Now, let's describe the advanced functionality that you may want to put into your own web application:
  1. Taxi
  2. Extreme tourism
  3. Hiking
  4. Amusement park (many of them are actively creating their own web applications, where there is a map, an online guide, etc.)
  5. Aquapark
  6. Quest rooms (SOS can call workers or an ambulance)
  7. And many others
The main idea of the “SOS” function is that if a person does not feel safe, he can press this button inside the web application. This will immediately display the person on maps or even call special services.
And many other advanced features that are selected depending on the specific type of business.
Most of the existing web applications still do not have the listed functions. Perhaps, placing them in your application, you will attract more people and set a new level for your industry.
The work of all these functions inside the web application is formed by the technological stack. The development and adjustment of the technology stack should be done by professionals.


A dedicated development team is a guarantee of the quality of a web application. Who is the best in developing a web application: software companies, freelancers, or websites with a ready-made solution?
Each of the types should be reviewed separately:
1. Software development companies
These are specialized firms that recruit programmers staff based on their experience, skills and efficiency. Choosing this variant, those wishing to create a web application will be offered a team that is able to satisfy all the wishes of the client (often the team is formed specifically for a custom application in order to achieve maximum efficiency).
The company is required to provide data on the team's experience in the web applications they have already created. This will provide an opportunity to study the quality of work on existing examples. This type of cooperation fits the definition of a dedicated team, taking on your project, the company undertakes to:
Other features of working with a company that develops a web application is the country, where the company is located. For more information, see our article “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”.
2. Freelancers
These are programmers, who works remotely and most often alone. A freelance programmer is only suitable for creating a web application or a separate function of an application if he is experienced.
Freelance developers can work with a client on a contract similar to a company, specializing in developing a web application. However, most of the freelancers prefer to take work without a formal contract, which carries its own risks for the client. The most common risks in working with freelancers without a contract:
Of course, interaction with freelancers is not always problematic. However, it should be understood that freelancers work for themselves and often alone. That is, if you want a well-designed web application with great functionality, a freelance programmer will need to spend more time developing it.
At the same time, in software development teams, each team member can take on certain stages of developing a web application. This reduces the time to create a project.
3. A website with a ready-made solution
These sites provide lightweight templates for you to beautifully design your site and use the toolkit, provided by the site. They have a number of divisions, that help you to choose a template for a specific type of business:
Such web applications provide extremely limited functionality. They can be useful only if a person wants to practice working with a web application and decide what he needs when working with a web application.
For example, after creating a site according to a template and starting work in it, functional imperfections may appear. The “Exceed Team” advises to write down all these nuances, so when developing a full-fledged website, an experienced team of programmers will take them into account.
If a person, who wants to create a web application believes that ready-made solutions can fully satisfy his needs, he will face the following risks and limitations:
Knowing these categories of developers, you can foresee the result of cooperation and choose the most convenient solution for yourself.
The conclusion of this point - contact professionals, who are able to prove their competence. How?
  1. Choose a dedicated development team
  2. How to find out the competence of developers
  3. What is the mechanics of how developers work
And many more questions the “Exceed Team” has put together for you in the article “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”.


1. The “Exceed Team” has extensive experience in web application development.
On our main page you can see the projects that we have realized. Many of them were orders that assumed the presence of unique functions. The experience of our developers in creating unique functions will help you implement your goals as accurately as possible.
2. “Exceed Team” is always in touch
Even if you are just thinking about creating your own web application, you can write to us. We will answer any question and help you to determine the most suitable functions for you.
3. Reliability of The “Exceed Team”
Working with our team is carried out in the most transparent mode. You can talk to the developers at any time and find out the current state of the project.
We respect our customers and want new applications to be useful to society. In this article, you can continue to write what unique offers the “Exceed Team” can provide you. But much better:
  1. Write us questions that you have while developing the idea of your web application
  2. Find a topic of interest in our blog, where we describe in detail:


This article was written by the “Exceed Team” team in order to ensure that everyone, who wants to create their own web application doesn't feel afraid of not understanding where to start.
If you have any questions and want to learn more about what solutions are right for you in creating a web application, please contact us.
We will select the right solution for you, tell you all the nuances and assemble the most suitable development team for your project.
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