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What is UX/UI?

Any business exists for profit. Direct profits come from the business ' customers. The sales consultant cares about making them feel comfortable and motivated to make a purchase. Now this role is being transferred to applications.
UX design is the creation of an application interface, based on research on user experience and human behavior.
The UX should be user-friendly and intuitive. Its development determines the perception of the application and whether it will be able to attract a large audience or not. But one interface in creating an application is not enough.
UI design is the result of visualizing a prototype application that was developed through user experience and research of the target audience.
In this type of design, the graphical part of the application is worked out. Posting photos, animations, etc. Its development takes into account marketing trends and modern design.
UX/UI is a combination of two types of design in order to create a convenient and beautiful interface.

What should be a high-quality UX/UI?

The main idea of UX/UI design is to give a positive user experience to customers, using your app. In order for a UX/UI design to perform this function, it should be met the following criteria:
1. Aesthetic appearance and recognition. The most obvious criterion for UX/UI design. In order for a UX/UI designer to integrate quality design into your application, your brand needs to have a corporate identity. The corporate identity consists of:
  • Brand colors
  • Logo
  • Font
  • Trademark
  • Slogan
  • Brand block
All this gives your brand uniqueness and competitive advantages. You can only recognize McDonald's by the combination of red and yellow colors. To be remembered by the client and to give associations for color is the task of marketing and design. When a person can remember you, it means that they can turn to you for a second service or purchase.
2. Clarity and intuitiveness. The interface of the application, both on the mobile phone and on the website, should be intuitive for users. Remember your feelings from web applications that are overloaded with ads, the text is not divided into blocks and page transitions work every other time. Most likely, you immediately left such an application, as most users do.
The UX/UI design takes into account skeuomorphism.
Skeuomorphism is a design that has lost its original function, but continues to use the silhouette view of the object. This is done to ensure that new technologies are more quickly integrated into the life of society.
How it works can be understood by the example of our mobile phone. Most of the call icons show a 20th-century telephone handset. Now such phones have almost disappeared, but their appearance allows the owners of the phone to understand that "you need to click here to call”.
When applying skeuomorphism, objects can be interacted with, let you know about it. They are specially highlighted by color, shape change, and other methods. Taking all this into account and creating a user-friendly design for your application is the task of a UX / UI designer. And he must understand how important it is for the client to understand: "where you can click”.
3. Everything in moderation. It is important to make it clear to users that you can interact with this or that object in the application. However, the main thing is not to overdo it with hints. This helps new users, but eventually starts to annoy them. Pop-up suggestions should be made when the user:
  • Breaks the algorithm of operation
  • Paid for the product and waits for the signal
  • Update on the site
  • The user received a message
And many other triggers that prompt you to return to the app. High-quality applications react instantly to the user's interaction with them.
4. Constancy. The style of the app can only become memorable if there is a permanent design. Any redesign should be justified (customers do not remember the design) and support the idea of brand development.
At the moment, the idea of minimalism is welcomed in application design. Even now, reading this article on our Exceed Team portal, you are faced with minimalist design.
Consistency also plays a role in the location of application functions. Places and labels of the main menu, chats, type of notifications - all this must be left in the same location within the application, even taking into account massive updates. You can update the appearance of the icons of the described functions many times. But the algorithm for working with them is not worth it.
5. Efficiency. UX/UI design should stay in trend and understand which design is actual for a modern application, and which is already outdated. After all, the UX/UI designer faces the following layer of tasks:
  • Save the user time searching for the desired app function
  • Give the app an aesthetic and recognizable look
  • To give to present the customer's brand from a quality position

What does the Exceed Team offer?

During the writing of this article, the Exceed Team tried to be as open as possible about the UX/UI designer. If you want to get UX/UI design services for your application, we can perform your project.
You can learn about our experience in the field of application development by going to the main page of our website, where we tell you in detail about each project that we have created.
Trusting us the creation of UX/UI-design your application you get:
  • Fully finished mobile application with high-quality UX/UI design
  • Guaranteed test of the application, so you can be sure of the quality of its development
  • A cross-platform application that will increase the reach of your audience and improve the quality of statistics
  • Guarantee that the unique idea of your application will be preserved and cannot be copied by third parties
  • Project transparency. You can ask at any stage to find out about the current work on your application. Our team will answer you and tell you what else is left to do

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