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May 26 2021
React is a very popular JavaScript library for building User Interfaces. Using React makes the process of building UIs very simple but you know what makes the process even easier? Using an already-made library. Here are over 10 popular React libraries you might want to consider using for your project:
Blueprint Blueprint is a React UI toolkit used to create and manage data-intensive user Interfaces for desktop applications Chakra UI Chakra UI is a React library which offers you simple, modular and accessible components which you can use as building blocks you need to build your React applications. All components are also dark mode compatible. Instead of spending hours to code and reinvent the wheel, you can easily use Chakra's components to build your app.
Search UI Every content-based websites need some sort of search functionality for retrieving certain parts of content. Search UI is a React-based search framework for implementing world-class search functionality without having to code from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Ant Design Ant Design is an enterprise-grade React UI framework containing a set of tools for creating beautiful and Intuitive User Interfaces for your web application. Ant Design is a great choice for building websites targeted for high-end clienteles.
Material UI The Material Design is an modern design language created by Google, which aid web designers create novel touch experiences in their websites via cue-rich features and natural motions that mimic real-world objects/materials in an immersive form. Material UI includes a set of React components for faster and easier process of web design. You can either build your own custom design system or start with the Material Design. Reactstrap Reactstrap is a React-Bootstrap component library. It provides inbuilt Bootstrap components that make it very easy to create User Interfaces with its self-contained components that provides flexibility and inbuilt validations. Reactstrap is similar to Bootstrap, but with self-contained components. Hence, it's easy to use and support Bootstrap 4.
Smooth UI As it's name implies, this library is focused on user experience and accessibility. Smooth UI makes it is easy to design beautiful websites and applications with clean and smooth features to make for a satisfactory experience for the end user. React DatePicker Something for event-based websites. React DatePicker is a simple, reusable and highly customizable React Component that allows you include date selection functionality to your websites. It's very easy to use as well.
React Select Many websites have some sort of checkbox or select control for collecting simple information from the user. React Select houses a beautiful set of select input control with multiselect, autocomplete and other nice features React toggle Toggles are an essential part of user Interfaces. A lot of websites use toggles to switch some feature on or off. React toggle is an elegant, accessible toggle component for React which also acts as a glorified checkbox.
Wysiwyg All modern content management platforms must have a modern text editor interface for users to type into. This is where wysiwyg comes in. This library is a multifeature text editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS. Halogen One of the most popular ways of keeping users in a website happily waiting while a page or resources is getting fetched from the backend is with the use of spinners. Halogen houses a huge collection of loading spinners made with React.js. I hope you will find something interesting in this collection. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!)
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