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Apr 25 2021
React Native If you can reuse your website code for your mobile, how would that go? Indeed you would be thrilled if that is possible. Well, with react native app development, you can reuse your website’s JavaScript code for mobile application. It allows you to have quick JavaScript code sharing environment for web, iOS, and Android. Due to its cross-platform compatibility, your application would detect which OS your device is using and showcase relevant user interface accordingly. When you want to be platform-specific for your user experience, such features by the framework can help you a lot.
Ionic Trusted by brands like McDonald’s, IBM, Mastercard, GE, and a few more, Ionic provides a single codebase for multiple platforms. Moreover, it is an open source framework so anyone can use for free. Nobody charges the royalty for the framework. The flow of developing mobile apps can be super-charged using the Ionic framework as the framework allows a custom development environment, and you can locally installed the framework to install strat coding and deploying your Android mobile apps.
PhoneGap PhoneGap shows the changes in your mobile applications quickly. In this framework, you no need to hit refresh or recompile the code because once you start editing your code, you can see the changes instantly. Their desktop app takes off your burden of using a command line interface to develop the apps. The snappiest interface is smart enough to give you the intuitive framework for developing PlayStore-ready mobile application.
Flutter Flutter supports Dart language which is similar to Java. You can work on a single codebase to develop applications that work on multiple platforms. You can integrate new and meaningful functionalities in your Android mobile applications through a collection of catalogs of widgets from Flutter. The platform is developed by Google, and it is an open source project. Everyone is allowed to download the framework and make a commercial mobile application.
Conclusion Each platform has unique functionality and a different style of developer service. Depending on the scope and requirements of your project, you can choose the structure. Share your experience with these frameworks in the comments. Thank you for reading and have a nice day)
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