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Feb 09 2021
A framework is a software platform that defines the structure of a software system / software / that facilitates the development and integration of various components of a large software project.
They make life easier for developers and allow them to develop the technological progress of society. By 2021, a huge number of libraries are written in Python. What modern frameworks can help a developer in 2021?

Top 5 python frameworks

1. Bottle
Top 5 python frameworks
Bottle creates a shared file for each application developed with it. An important advantage of using Bottle is that it allows developers to work closer to the hardware. In addition to creating simple applications for personal use, Bottle is ideal for learning how to organize web frameworks and create prototypes.
2. Tornado
Top 5 python frameworks
Tornado is an open source Python framework and asynchronous networking library. The asynchronous structure uses non-blocking network I / O, and also solves the C10k problem.
Tornado is an ideal tool for creating applications that require high performance and simultaneous use of several thousand users. Throughout its history, Tornado has only strengthened its position among Python developers.
3. Pyramid
Top 5 python frameworks 1
This framework is fully functional and one of the leading ones for Python. Its goal is to achieve the maximum result with the minimum difficulty. They love Pyramid for its ability to work at an equally excellent level with full-scale and small applications. And the final bonus is the existence of many resources to expand its capabilities in accordance with the requirements of various projects.
4. TurboGears
Top 5 python frameworks 2
An open, fully functional environment for web applications written with Python. It exists to help you quickly develop web applications with the function of continuous expansion and data management. An additional plus of TurboGears is ORM support and intuitive templates.
5. Web2Py
Top 5 python frameworks 3
If you are a Python developer and have been looking for a scalable full stack framework for a long time, this framework is for you. Named open source, which comes with its own web-based IDE, Web2Py also gives its users an editor, deployment, and code debugger. If you decide to choose this framework for yourself, then you should know that it creates dynamic web content perfectly, but it does not support Python 3.
These frameworks have established their positions over the years and help many Python developers. You can read more about the frameworks in our blog "5 best Node.js frameworks”.
The \ will continue to search for convenient and reliable frameworks for various programming languages and talk about them in their blog. \ wishes you success in your project development!
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