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Apr 20 2021
Online education players like Udemy, Age of Learning, Udacity, K12, Coursera, eDX, FutureLearn, SkillShare, LinkedIn Learning, etc… are reshaping the educational landscape. Further, the outbreak of COVID-19 fueled the growth of the online education industry. Online learning has shown drastic growth over the past decade. Is this habit going to stick to teachers, students, kids, and other representatives once life returns to normal? Well, according to the industry experts, this is going to persist in the post-pandemic period as well. Do you know educational apps are the third-largest apps in the world? Creating an educational app in 2021 seems to be one of the most profitable educational business ideas amidst the pandemic and even for the post-COVID-world. The graph is continuously moving upward for the online education industry opening many doors for aspiring entrepreneurs. Every reason mentioned above is somehow about the convenience of the students. Not to mention the convenience of students here, will also be completely dependent on the features and functionalities of your eLearning app development. As long as you can add value to your services, you will survive the competitive edge. Did you know that according to a study by IBTimes, there are approximately 80,000 applications that are geared towards education? Well, that explains how important it is to hunt for a good educational mobile application. Moving forward, let’s explore the various features that are crucial for the success of your educational app development. Must-Have Features for An Educational App Development:
1.Multilingual For expanding the target audience, an educational app provides co content in many different languages. It is highly recommended to create an educational app in multiple languages. This will help in increasing the user base experience and further assist in generating more profit.
2.Login/SignUp This is an in-built feature for school applications. Both parents and students can fill the registration forms that provide user-intuitive & fast functionality. This is where the Login/Sign up feature comes into play. The signup or Login feature is simply the security feature that depicts the user's login credentials. The information of a user can be entered in a number of ways. There needs to be an ease to login profile with proper credentials and dashboard facility. Profile creation needs to be done with only a few steps. Further, users can save their personal details and choose a topic for education.
3.User Account and Profile The educational app is all about the information on users, their expertise, specialties, and classification data.
4.Search Module This feature has been gaining popularity in recent times. It enables search functionality to locate specific data. Students can search for test papers and this feature will not only benefit the learners but also boost your application into the profitable zone. A useful filter field or module app feature helps in looking for a particular course on a quick note. Search module acts as a remarkable feature for students and instruction bits in how to search out academic sources. This will help in enhancing the user experience of an educational app and save a large amount of time.
5.Information and Content Bank Information and content bank is an ideal blend of databases that are maintained as per the data quality & quantity. The database here actually refers to the storehouse where all the information is present related to the study material. Also, the profile of the user and other data is stored. You need to keep updating the robust database on a regular basis because new information on distinct topics keeps pouring. Not only robust database updation, updating educational mobile apps on a regular basis is considered to be a good practice because learning scenarios change on a frequent basis. Both students and teachers access the required information from the database. They should be provided with quick access to the database. With this feature, you can allow the user to access the well-written notes in PDF and video lessons or video-based content along with some references in an attractive manner. Research shows that it is easy to consume information at your fingertips through such features. This feature has been gaining the flexibility to accommodate information at any point in time. Developing a powerful and supportive database helps in boosting the learning process & acts as an important educational mobile application feature.
The above are the required features in the educational app that not only simplify the online learning process, but also provide a unified experience for students and teachers. Thank you for reading, good luck and have a nice day)
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