7 min
Apr 06 2021
It's been a year since I worked on one of my most important projects. There were also a lot of other projects, and it was quite difficult to keep up with everything and still stay in working order. There are a few tips I would like to know earlier. Besides, I could save so much time. But, nevertheless, these things can be useful for you and can save your effort to work effectively. So, let's dive in - 1. Create strict time limits for work hours and side project hours. This is the MOST important part of working on a side project. After the pandemic, all our work has moved to the house, and it has a big drawback-the lack of time boundaries. I realized this after 5-6 months of working from home, and then I began to strictly set working hours. If I start at 10am, I make sure I don't have to work in the office after 7pm. With this, I can always set aside at least an hour a day for side projects. Obviously, your working hours and schedule will be different, but the point is to clearly define the boundaries for both of them! This will help you pretty much figure it out, trust me on this one 😁 2. Set small goals for each week It is always said that 1% of progress is still progress. Follow this rule constantly. I always feel like we can do our office tasks because of the goals we get, it can be accumulated JIRA tickets, daily syncs, or status reports. But because we keep goals and track them, it becomes easier for us to do so much work. Just apply the same strategy to your side project. Given how busy or free your week is, you can create a list of tasks or a small (achievable) goal for your side project. Chasing that goal will be fun, and you'll end up finishing something every week. 3. Do not rush to perfection, it is overrated! This is for anyone who works on anything!! The feedback loop will end in nothing. Always remember that you will have plenty of time to improve it later than to make it perfect now! I used to be proud of my obsession with perfection, but now I realize how stupid I was." I don't want to offend any perfectionist, but this is something that has never worked for me. Let me explain! Let's say you're working on a simple web page where you spent a week creating the perfect navigation bar, a super fun animated, responsive and very beautiful navigation bar! But after a week, there's a good chance that you'll lose interest in filling out the rest of the web page. It will never give you anything to be proud of in your kitty. But if you finish a medium-sized web page first and then work on improving it, you'll always have something to show! Perfection is subjective! Every working product is perfect in its concerns, never forget about it! 4. Even 15 minutes of effort makes a difference. Sometimes it's a busy week, sometimes it's family stuff, and sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything, and that's fine! Take your time. The main thing is to make consistent efforts. Many times when I am too busy with my office work, I feel tired. On days like this, I always do something related to my side project that won't burden me too much. This can be planning for the next tasks, writing down the remaining features, creating a tweet to post later, or something small and simple. But I'll definitely work on something relative. This will give you the satisfaction of continuing to work even in difficult situations! A small but consistent effort will certainly pay off. This may take some time, but it guarantees that it will happen! 5. Make small releases! I found out about this recently, but it's very useful! Celebrating small victories is such an underappreciated term that we forget to apply it to our own. We work in a team of 3 people, and everyone has their own responsibilities. But we still make sure that small demos and internal releases are released every week. It doesn't matter if it's just a verbose change, the main thing is delivery! Your one demo, one small release, will make you feel like an achievement and give you the motivation and energy to continue, which is very important! Over the past year, I've started and stopped working on this side project so many times. But after applying these tips, I can consistently work on it for the last 4 months. By working on something other than your office work, you break the monotony, get creative, take on challenges, and learn a lot! This will obviously make your life more fulfilling, and you will have to sacrifice some of your personal time, family time, but believe me, in the end, it's worth the effort. You can share your comments / feedback here, and I would also like to know about your passionate projects! Share and keep learning! 🙌
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