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Feb 09 2021
It should be understood that when talking about Python or Ruby, none of the developers will talk about it in its purest form. Because they resort to Python or Ruby in certain situations, which are required in specific projects.
According to Statista, the rating of popular programming languages for 2021 is as follows:
Ruby python which one the best
Python occupies only the third position in the world ranking, and Ruby has settled on the 14th place. Leading JavaScript cannot and should not be perceived by you as the only language worth learning. Despite the positions in the rating, all the languages presented are used in the world for specific purposes.

Scope of application

You can read about what Python is used for in our article. With its large library base and flexible update capabilities, Python is indispensable for creating / maintaining work:
And many other projects that involve an easily updated database and machine learning. This makes Python a feature-rich programming language.
At the same time, Ruby has gained popularity among small and medium-sized businesses because of its ability to develop projects relatively quickly, even if their scope is not fully defined or may change during implementation. A popular application of Ruby found in:
And a number of other Ruby features. However, it is considered more narrowly focused and is criticized due to a number of limitations that occur when working with it.

Main differences

The main thing to understand is that it is impossible to consider Python and Ruby in its direct form. Since each of these languages contains its own versions and frameworks that are used for specific purposes.
If you want to create your own game, develop a web application, or even an AI, then you should study the purpose of the project in detail. This will give you an understanding of what programming language you need. Sometimes you will have to change the programming language you write your code in, perhaps from JavaScript to Ruby, when it comes to developing a narrow function.


A clearly defined goal defines the scope and specifies the tasks. If you need a product that partially already exists in libraries or requires the development of a unique idea, choose Python. If you are interested in speed or creating a small function, choose Ruby.
The best solution is to learn the basics of Python and Ruby to understand how they work. In practice, you will be able to determine which programming language you need more and go deeper into it. The Exceed Team wishes you a successful training!
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