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Feb 10 2021
Python vs java
Android apps are most often developed using Java. This fact alone makes novice developers think that learning Java is more promising. However, it is also possible to create Android apps in Python. And for the last three years, many developers have been using Kotlin instead of JavaScript and Java to create Android apps. Does this mean that Java is not relevant and that it competes with Python is stupid?
Java is a statically typed and compiled language, while Python is a dynamically typed and interpreted language.

Using Python

Python is a high-level programming language. Python is easy to use because of its syntax and simple code. There are a huge number of libraries and frameworks based on Python. It is used when you need a unique solution and easy scaling of the project.
Python Application Example:
Python is often used by beginners or junior developers who are just learning about data science. Python has large libraries, including machine learning.

Using Java

Java is designed for development in various fields. The motto of Java developers: "Create code once, run it where necessary”.
Developers of security applications, and absolutely all programmers working with the server part, have a special love for Java. This is made possible by the clear syntax and its clear structure.
Java Application Examples:
Java is mainly used for web development. It is preferred and used by high-level programmers because it allows you to perform asynchronous programming and has a convenient tool for natural language processing.


Looking at the application areas, you can be amazed at the wide range of features that Python and Java offer. In some industries, they are used on an equal basis, such as Android development, games, etc.
They can also be used together in interaction with the API and for machine learning. However, many developers creating web applications will choose Java. Python libraries allow you to create many sites from scratch without wasting the developer's time and effort.
Which language is better?
The one that fits the purpose of your project. When you understand what project you need to implement, you immediately find what tool you can do it with. In this case, only your personal desire to create a game, develop a web application, or maybe create a new type of AI wins.
In practice, when you need to do a certain project that involves knowledge of a language that you have not used before , you will need to learn it. One " recipe” does not exist, because the very profession of a developer involves constant updating of their knowledge.
The Exceed Team wishes you success in learning programming languages and clearly set goals!
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