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Feb 14 2021
Python vs golang
Python and Golang (Go) were originally created for different purposes. That is why comparing these languages from the position of " which is better” is inadequate. Your choice of these two programming languages is based on the goal that you are pursuing. To do this, you should compare what these languages are capable of.

Using Python

Python is a high-level programming language. Python is easy to use because of its syntax and simple code. There are a huge number of libraries and frameworks based on Python. It is used when you need a unique solution and easy scaling of the project.
How to use Python:
Python is often used by beginners or junior developers who are just learning about data science. Python has large libraries, including machine learning.

Using Golang (Go)

Go is a procedural functional language. It is designed to increase the speed of the code. It is not designed to work with servers and is able to force the algorithm to perform its steps not linearly, but not in order.
Example of using Golang (Go):
It will take a very long time to list how many things were created on Golang (Go). But here is a brief list of companies and services that chose Golang (Go):
And many others. It is worth noting that a number of applications and functions in the listed companies are created in Python. For example, the AI algorithms that push content and collect statistics are created in Python. But after the massive updates of 2017-2018, the apps listed and many other firms chose the faster-running Golang (Go).


Golang (Go) helps you scale your business, make your applications more user-friendly, and more responsive to changing algorithms. Python is slower, but its speed is compensated by a large library base and the ability to implement machine learning.
However, you may need to learn a completely different programming language. To do this, we recommend reading our blog to briefly and easily understand the key features of programming languages and choose the most suitable one for yourself.
The Exceed Team wishes you success in learning programming languages and clearly set goals!
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