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Feb 14 2021
How to quickly learn java
These tips are collected by the Exceed Team as a result of many years of practice by many developers.
  1. Select a Java book and read it. The peculiarity of this method is that you should read this book not as a textbook on a complex subject, but as a novel of an interesting genre. Read it every day. Ideally, you should read a Java book in a week.
  2. Make notes while reading. Look for more information on the Internet. A specific question is a specific answer.
  3. Do not engage in parallel practice while reading the book. Leave it for real practice. When you learn a new language, the first thing you do is understand its logic.
  4. If you have difficulty learning a language, and you need to master it as quickly as possible - it's time to go to practice. Choose the project you want to create and gradually write it using Java.

Why choose a small project and it is better not to do parallel tasks while reading a Java book?

The whole secret is in human thinking. When you see that your efforts are going to benefit the program, which in the future can be used in other projects, you better try to work on it. When you make developments to " remember”, then in the near future it will lose value for you.
The motto of Java programmers is " Create code once, run it wherever you want”.
That is, what you develop already during your studies, you can apply when you create more serious projects. Various small functions, sorting and other features of Java that are created in order to be part of one project - better motivate during training.

The advantage of this method in learning Java is

You create a project that immediately falls into your portfolio. When you master Java more confidently and develop an application/game / special effects, etc., you will be able to show it to the customer. And this will be a great competitive advantage for you.
The Exceed Team wishes you success in learning the Java language and invites you to read articles about "Python vs Java”, "What are the easiest programming languages?" and many others on our blog.
And the very last piece of advice that we highlight at the end of the article: never be sure that you know everything. As soon as you feel that you know everything, this is an excuse to start learning a new language or learn updates in Java technology. As soon as you feel confident in your knowledge , you will stop developing and will not be able to create relevant projects.
Success and patience in understanding Java, the Exceed Team!
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