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Mar 16 2021
Reverse engineering might seem so complex, that not everyone has the bravery required to tackle it. But is it really that hard? Today we are gonna dive into the process of learning how to reverse engineer.
First of all, try to answer yourself, what are you hoping to achieve with reverse engineering? Because reverse engineering is a tool. And you should choose the right tool for your task. So when reverse engineering might be useful:
And if you have a clear goal in your mind, you can always keep your eyes on the prize while you are learning. It’ll help you to focus on the most important information and skills. But if you haven’t decided yet, it’s completely OK. You can start now, get a taste of reverse engineering and then decide later what are you liking the most. Or maybe you even want to do all of that thing simultaneously. Now to the fun stuff! I’ve divided beginner reverse engineer skills into 3 tiers. As always, links to all the resources I talk about are in the description.

Tier 1

It’s when you have nothing but an eager desire to learn reverse engineering. So that should you learn on this tier?

Tier 2

Don’t spend too much time on tier 1. In fact, after just about 5 hours spent on tier 1, you can start learning something from tier 2. It will give you a much greater sense of progress, and learning tier 2 will help you with tier 1.

Tier 3

This is where it gets real. It’s time for you to get your feet wet and check out some close to real-life scenarios. Also, it’s where you can get a taste of different aspects of reverse engineering and pick some areas you want to focus on.
Although I talked about 3 tiers, I highly encourage you to do all of them almost simultaneously. Learning is an iterative process. Those tiers can work off one another and help you get as much knowledge and practice as possible.

Final thoughts

And never stop learning: find online tutorials, follow people on Twitter, join communities Reddit, be curious, and don’t be afraid to fail!
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