How do I start learn programming

Why do they start learning development?

Programming is becoming more popular. In the world, many students choose to study this specialty. Many courses of studying various types of development began to work around the world. Even more people are starting to learn development on their own.
This interest in development is justified:
  • The growing number of app users, online game players, etc. Increasing demand for different software rises the demand for specialists, who are able to create them
  • Payment for development. Most beginners in development, knowledge of the database is enough to pay them a decent amount for an hour of work. As the skill level increases, the salary increases
  • The prospects. Every year there are technologies that make applications/games/websites more convenient and more multifunctional. But such projects require constant updates and support from the developer (usually the development team). This creates additional demand in the labor market
  • Own capabilities. Some people are starting to get interested in developing for personal projects
  • Communication with the world. Studying the development and further execution of orders can lead you to work for foreign customers. This is not only a unique experience, but also communication with people of a different culture
Reading this article, you can probably give your own reasons for why you need to learn programming languages and start this journey into the world of development.

Why do many people fail to learn programming?

Many start with great passion to learn, but after a while, they give up. Some people try to conquer different programming languages several times.
When something doesn't work out right away, many people start thinking in this way:
  • I'm too stupid for that
  • I can't learn development
  • I have a different mindset
  • I'll never be able to learn it, why waste time?
And a lot of other apathetic thoughts. And each person can be understood, because each of us went to school. And the education system of schools, often teach that "If you could not understand something the first time, then you are stupid."
But this is not the case. Your success depends on how much time you are willing to spend learning. At the beginning, nothing will be clear. Only by creating a base and learning from simple to complex will you be able to achieve results.
The Exceed Team wants to highlight a number of issues that interfere with your learning before describing practical tips on how best to start learning programming.
  1. I learned it once - you always know. Many beginners believe that to learn programming, they just need to take a couple of textbooks and actively read them for a week. According to their logic, after this, they will already be at a level that is above average. But most likely, the studied information is simply not remembered. The brain likes to study theory more, which can then be “fixed” by practice
  2. No goal. Beginning developers often have very abstract goals that can not motivate them to learn for a long time. Learning something without a goal is a very difficult task. So, we recommend you to start your training by setting a specific goal. For example, to develop an application of a certain type. So, you will get practice and be able to motivate yourself, as you will see from topic to topic smoothly created and working projects
  3. There is no structure. When you start training without understanding which material is for beginners and which is for pros - you risk getting confused and quitting the training. Development, the same science as the ones you learned at school/college. Therefore, it is best to find a program for yourself and start learning according to the scheme "from simple to complex"
  4. High expectations. Many people believe wrong that learning a programming language is all that is required of them. However, to pass an interview with a client, you need to be able to communicate and have a portfolio. For the first time, you may have to work even without paying. And all just to develop a portfolio. It's emotionally hard and a lot of people decide it's not for them after all the way through training. However, if you really want to spend time to development and earn money, you can not be afraid of that
  5. Concentration. The problem in training for several years now is concentration. People's attention has become very distracted due to the rhythm of modern life that takes place in gadgets. Learning programming without concentration is very difficult. Therefore, we recommend the following methods to help you concentrate:
  • Define the purpose of the development training
  • Build a plan, based on the “from less to more" system
  • When you start studying, remove distractions

Factors, distracting programming from learning

When you start learning how to design, it's important for you to create a quiet atmosphere. This is not always possible. Therefore, we recommend you first to disable notifications on your phone (especially if you are teaching from your phone).
If your training takes place at the computer, remove all tabs, except for the one where you study the programming language itself, and the phone from the field of view. According to research, in order for the brain to enter " working mode”, it needs to concentrate on one task for 23 minutes. When there is at least one distraction from the task in 23 minutes, the process of concentration begins again, dragging on and causing boredom. Therefore, avoid distractions as much as possible. Most often they are:
  • Outside noise. The solution is headphones with light music without words or searching for a quiet place
  • Telephone. It's actually social networks and notifications from them, which signal you that you need to go and check them. All this is a trap that disrupts your concentration and harms your nervous system. For the duration of your studies, keep it out of sight
  • The desire to touch something with your hands, stand up and other body urges to move. So your brain is rebelling against boredom. But you may notice that it doesn't do this if you're holding a phone. The solution to this problem is to find an object that you can hold in one hand while studying the material and play with it in every possible way with your hand. This can be a rosary, a pen, anti-stress toys, etc
  • Daily classes. In order to achieve results, you need to learn a programming language every day. Just like in sports, drawing, and other skills, regular training is important. Setting aside an hour or half an hour each day to study and repeat the development topics will allow you to master it. The more time you spend studying, the better your results will be
If you have doubts, look at the things that you already know how: walking, communicating, counting, writing, holding a spoon - all these are skills, you once studied, because of daily practices, you have brought them to perfection and now you don’t think over mechanics and just do it on autopilot. The same can be achieved in development.

How to start learning programming

All we have described above is a number of useful life hacks that are suitable for studying absolutely any science. Let's turn to the specifics.
You can start learning programming by following these simple steps:

1. Select your area

How many programming languages are there? This question is rhetorical because it depends on the category: what is a recognized programming language? So, if you do not take into account the rating of popular programming languages, there are about 10,000 thousand of them.
Now let's turn to the rating. According to Statista data for 2021, the ranking of popular programming languages is as follows:
How do i start learn programming
You can study each of the programming languages offered in the rating and choose the most suitable one for yourself. In our blog, we compare popular programming languages with each other and reveal what they can be used for.
To help you to choose, you also need your goal. Leading JavaScript cannot and should not be taken by you as the only language worth learning. After all, if you need special machine learning for your purpose, then you may need Python more.

2. Learn the basics

We wrote about this in the previous paragraphs of this article:
"From simple to complex”
You should use this principle in any training. As for programming, our advice is simple - do not deepen at the initial stage of training in unnecessary details. The knowledge base is the basis for what should be easily and simply learned and then used by you.
When you encounter development in practice, you should start learning more about syntax, frameworks, packages, and libraries.
It may also happen that during the course of training you realize that you need to learn another language. This happens often. Many developers are experimenting with languages. Masters can know more than two.
The most important thing is not to stop in the learning process.
Even when you have already gained experience, be afraid of the feeling that you know everything. The technologies are updated every year. If at some point you stop your training, you will lose up-to-date information. And after it, customers and profits.

3. Simple projects are an important practice

Learning the basics requires fixing. It is best to remember and really master the knowledge that helps practice. But, where can a beginning developer find it?
Start making your own project. Working on a project will force you to write a plan and you will see how much work you need. For example, you want to create a high-quality portfolio website for yourself. When you start developing it, you will understand what is worth learning further and will create what you have learned. Small results will bring satisfaction and give motivation for further training.
So you will not only have a knowledge base, but also a ready-made website that you can show as your portfolio to the first customers. If your goal is not web development, then you can use the same scheme to create what you need.
The main thing is the creation process, which you can easily master and get the finished result.
You can open our blog and visit sites on current topics and sites that are currently popular.

Let's discuss your idea

The Exceed Team wrote this article to help beginning developers feel more confident at the start of the journey.
If you have any questions during the reading of the article, please contact us.
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