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May 15 2021
Thanks to the advent of technology, the study of code has become available. Therefore, the number of people who want to build a career that requires coding skills is growing rapidly. Despite the fact that now is the best time to learn, it still often happens that we may not have enough time to use computers for practice, so mobile devices came in handy. People can download coding apps to their mobile devices and immediately start learning the art of coding. For your understanding, below are the best code learning apps I've put together for you.


Best mobile apps for learning code from scratch
You will get insight into using all popular coding programs through Udacity application. The student learns how to create Android Apps through theoretical materials and practical tasks. The application comes with a guide to ensure you understand how to build cloud-connected Android apps. The courses are on artificial intelligence, programming, business, data science, autonomous systems, and development. The content taught is rich and conducted by professionals. The app comes with great support from the learning community. The students also undertake interactive quizzes and schedule their learning hours, making the training convenient. What’s impressive about this training is that it contains approximately 200 free lessons. However, be aware that you won’t get certification in the end. To graduate with an Udacity Nanodegree,you will need a smartphone and $399 per month paid for the coming five months.


SoloLearn is an excellent app to use in learning various coding languages like JavaScript, Kotlin, SQL, Python, PHP, and many more on any Android or iOS device. Upon enrollment, a group of friendly coders will make you feel like home. The learner also enjoys friendly support from fellow learners and the teaching team. During the training, you will undertake numerous coding topics and tackle various assignments. The students get an idea of how to run real code using your mobile code editor. Communication within a community will also play a significant role in ensuring you understand and finish your lessons effectively. Though the download is free, you pay $6.99 monthly or $47.99 annually for the lessons.


Using your phone, the CodeGym app will teach you Java programming from the very beginning. You will undertake 600 mini-lectures and 1200 tasks to complete the entire class. The course includes four quests in playing format, with each journey containing ten levels that involve tasks and lectures. As it might be hectic to type long codes in a smartphone, this app developers incorporated a system that will enable the learner code faster through auto tips and examples. Every solution can be written and reviewed immediately. It also comes with a help section to lend you a hand when you are stuck. From level 1, the company offers two paid subscriptions. The learner can either choose the Premium package of $30 per month or $300 per year, or the Premium Pro cost of $50 per month or $500 annually.


If you have an Android or iOS gadget, use the Mimo app to discover how to come up with your own project spending five minutes a day on training. The app covers the most popular programming languages, including Swift, Kotlin, Java, HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, and lots more. The students quickly build websites using various coding languages with its curriculum called “Learn to Code”. Other than getting insight into using SQL to communicate with databases and Python to analyze data, the learners get to know how Netflix and Google use extensive data to recommend movies or websites. The course is a great deal for both advanced coders and beginners. You can download the application for free and subscribe to Mimo Pro if you like — a $9.99 monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to all courses, hands-on tasks, and weekly additions and updates.

Programming Hero

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With this app, learning programming is exciting. The students learn programming languages like Python, Java and practice on CSS, HTML on their Android or iOS device. Programming Hero allows building a game while you learn to code. After the lesson, you are supposed to apply the concepts immediately and show your published work. You can work anywhere and at any time. You have access to instant help in case of any issue. The app comes with over 100 coding tasks containing solutions and explanations. You’ll also learn various data structures like Stack, Map, Array, or Linked List. The use of multiple games to explain critical features makes the courses easy to understand and fun. For example, the space shooting game helps the learner to understand Basic Programming. Though the cost may vary by the country, the courses cost $9.99 per month or $39.99 annually for a US premium package.

Easy Coder

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Consider Easy Coder if you want to master Java programming on the go. The app’s coding lessons are simple and come in a few categories. The tutorial begins from basics and progresses to upper levels. The training is conducted excitedly through videos and quizzes. There is not a single element of a particular topic that is overlooked, which allows you to get a full understanding of each subject. The app doesn’t have a free version or trial, but a one-time payment of $84.


Coding applications are amazing educational tools that help any person to become a programmer. Many of them are perfect for complete beginners, others are good to go if you already have some previous experience. The apps downloaded on your smartphone will help you sharpen your coding skills while on the go. In short, they are designed to bring much value in the long run, especially if they are used in combination with other training materials.
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