5 Unique and Secret tricks Front-end Developers don't know

This post comes with some of the unique and secrets(🤐) tricks developer don't know. Some tricks will help you in your career and will make you productive, take you to next level in development.

Datalist Tag

You can create an "autocomplete" feature for {input} elements by using the {datalist} tag. With this feature you will create a drop-down list of pre-defined options as you type.
5 unique and secret tricks frontend developers dont know
Datalist tag

CSS calc() function

This function allows you to perform calculations when specifying CSS property values. The most useful ability of calc() is that it mixed units, like percentages and pixels.
Css calc function

in operator

The {in} operator can check if an index exists in an array and will return true or false.
In operator

Writing mode

This trick allows text to run vertically. This property has five possible options.
Writing mode
Writing mode 1

Math equations

Embeddings numerical problems, utilizing the MathML language is really basic in HTML5. You can put all your equations between the {math} tags.
Math equations
Math equations 1
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