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How to write maintainable code?

I've been writing code for over 10 years now, and although I've been doing more management lately, at my peak I was able to write 500+ lines of well-performing code a day . Here are the principles that helped me with this: Every extra line of code is evil . Wherever possible, you should not use someone else's code that you have not read and understood
Oct 17 2020

Why do you need a CDN?

After talking with a lot of specialists, the following problem arose: everyone knows that CDN is very good, it is correct, it is worth using . This article attempts to answer this question and explain in what cases a CDN can solve emerging problems and a number of technological and business problems . Content availability Quite often, every hour of downtime of an online store site is measured in very significant amounts
Oct 15 2020

Performance comparation Go, Python, Rust, Javascript

To test on a MAC: RAM: 8Gb CPU: Intel Core i7 2.7GHz We also ran tests on the Raspberry pi 4: RAM: 4Gb CPU: ARMv7 rev 3 (v7l) @ 4x 1.5Ghz
Oct 15 2020

b2b ideas and trends 2021

Recently I wrote about one curious pattern, I decided to generalize and find more interesting changes in b2b sales this year and what will grow in the next . The basis of the method is to look at those services for b2b sales that have become popular or have attracted investments . I took tweekly reviews as a basis (there you can read more about each one) Here's what's new clearly caught my eye: 1
Oct 15 2020

What programming language is used in Nike+ app?

There are 3 key languages that are used for building an app: Java has been the language of choice for mobile app creation based on Google's Android platform . Java is an extremely common programming language that enables cross-platform support and ease of portability when developing applications for different types of hardware and OSes . Kotlin, which is the newest of the programming languages highlighted in this list, was designed to completely interface with Java
Oct 15 2020

Web2py python wramework main features

The core list of the main Web2py features are: * It doesn't need to be enabled-just unzip and click on it-and you can build it in your browser.
Oct 14 2020

Multithreading vs asynchronous programming

There are several different concepts related to the field of parallel computing . Concurrency Parallel execution Multithreading Asynchronous execution Each of these terms is strictly defined and has a clear meaning . Concurrency Concurrency (*) is the most general term that says that more than one task is running at the same time . For example, you can watch TV and comment on photos on Facebook at the same time
Oct 12 2020

What does "yield" mean?

When reading someone else’s code, you can come across many incomprehensible constructions . And now I want to briefly highlight such a construction as yield . Yield is a keyword that is used in the same way as return . The difference is that the function starts returning a generator instead of a value . def generator (): for i in (1, 2, 3): yield i g = generator () print (g) <generator object generator at 0x2e58870> for i in g: print (i) 1 2 3 In this case, from a practical point of view, this is a useless example
Oct 12 2020

How to check if element is hidden in jQuery

You can toggle the visibility of an element using the .hide(), .show(), or .toggle() functions . How would you test if the element is visible or hidden? Solution 1: Since the question is about one element, this code might be more appropriate: // Checks css for display:[none|block], ignores visibility:[true|false] $(element).is(":visible"); // The same works with hidden $(element).is(":hidden");
Oct 10 2020

What does "use strict" mean in JavaScript?

The "use strict" in your JavaScript code turns on strict mode . (Or does nothing, in pre-fifth ECMAScript implementations) . This directive applies to the scope in which it is specified . Examples of using // file: ok.js "use strict"; // affects the whole file alert ("ok"); (function () { "use strict"; // valid only within the function alert ("ok"); } ()); What “use strict” affects
Oct 04 2020

Form submit with bootstrap and nodejs

Here is provided a simple code sample of how to place bootstrap form on your site and connect it with node js server.
Jun 13 2019

Express subdomain routing

One day I ran into a problem of how to setup and test express-subdomain lib locally . And after 1 hour of research I resolved my problem :D Here is my solution: Firstly need to add a couple lines to your /etc/hosts file: And then I created live node js script
Apr 22 2019