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What is the difference between a website and a web application?

It may be difficult for the end user to understand the difference between a website and a web application . He simply enters the URL in the browser's address bar (clicks on the link) — and-boom ! - here is the result . And for the user, it is important just to get what they wanted . If this was done, the user doesn't care about anything else . But if you are a developer, then you are the one who creates these products for users
Mar 21 2021

Drop jQuery From Your Bootstrap Project and Replace it With Vue.js

Bootstrap is the internet’s most popular web page framework . I’m unaware of a quicker way to build a responsive web project than with Bootstrap . But since my tool of choice for adding dynamic functionality to a page is Vue.js now, it’s becoming harder to justify Bootstrap because it brings with it some baggage...I’m talking about jQuery . This is not jQuery bashing, it’s just recognizing that there are some significant downsides in having to add jQuery to a project when you’re already using a framework like Vue:
Mar 21 2021

How to Start Reverse Engineering in 2021

Reverse engineering might seem so complex, that not everyone has the bravery required to tackle it . But is it really that hard ? Today we are gonna dive into the process of learning how to reverse engineer. First of all, try to answer yourself, what are you hoping to achieve with reverse engineering ? Because reverse engineering is a tool . And you should choose the right tool for your task . So when reverse engineering might be useful:
Mar 16 2021

How to Integrate Webcam using JavaScript

Hello guys, here I tried to solve the below mention query . and I'll also share a simple piece of JavaScript code that you can use to easily integrate your webcam into a web page. Common Query First, we need to create an HTML DOM structure using the following code snippet . To integrate webcam into webpage we will use HTML video tag Integrate Webcam using JavaScript step by step First, we need to create two files index.html and style.css then we need to do code for it.
Mar 16 2021

Why is the agile development method very necessary for creating mobile applications?

Before you can understand the agile mobile app development method, you need to understand the mobile app development process . Any app installed on a smartphone, game, or social network requires many factors to work properly . Factors to consider: If any of these factors are violated, problems arise, such as: violation of deadlines, loss of finances, outflow of employees, and other difficulties at the implementation stage
Mar 16 2021

The state of global EdTech

EdTech's market size was expected to grow rapidly (by 16% per year), but not equally in all countries . This is due to the fact that many developing countries are moving very slowly in this direction, while in developed countries growth is too fast . China The Chinese market of educational technologies is leading in the world . It attracts investors because it is actively and consistently developing
Mar 13 2021

How bad weather in the UK killed the telecommunications "unicorn" business in the late 90s

There are many factors that affect the business of telecommunications companies . These are competitors, the financial configuration of the market, and various kinds of crises . Most factors can be predicted, but it also happens that a business collapses due to unforeseen obstacles . It turns out that the weather can become an insurmountable problem . This is exactly what happened with the company Ionica from the UK
Mar 10 2021

Did you know that the OS of 85% of smartphones is based on Linux?

In fact, it is Linux-based devices that dominate the smartphone market . Some of this statement will reflect, while others will be filled with pride for Linux in the style of The Sound of Music – The Hills are Alive . Next, I will give interesting facts confirming that 85% of smartphones are really based on the Linux kernel, and also present a number of promising new products in this market . Often in the course of communicating with professionals outside the workplace, I am asked: "What do you do?"
Mar 10 2021

Released the Crystal programming language version 1.0: advantages, features and a little history

There are a lot of programming languages in the world — about 8 thousand, if you take into account everything that can be considered a programming language, including all sorts of comic and theoretical projects . Recently released version 1.0 of another language — Crystal . Its creators claim that the language is as simple as Ruby and as fast as C . It can not be called new, since it has been developed since 2011 as an alternative to Ruby
Mar 10 2021

How do I start learn programming

Why do they start learning development? Programming is becoming more popular . In the world, many students choose to study this specialty . Many courses of studying various types of development began to work around the world . Even more people are starting to learn development on their own. This interest in development is justified: Reading this article, you can probably give your own reasons for why you need to learn programming languages and start this journey into the world of development
Mar 07 2021

Web development and design trends

So, for this article, we used Stack Overflow, TIOBE, Hired ratings, and other analytics. Programming Languages 2021: And now let's move on to the trends of web development, or rather to what will continue to develop, will be interesting to investors and will "develop" in the next year: And finally, design trends: I hope that the article was useful and interesting to you and for someone it may have become a kind of vector in terms of development.
Mar 07 2021

Why every business owner should learn digital marketing?

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect to shop, transact and connect online for all their needs . So, if your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist . At the same time, it isn’t enough to have a website, blog or Facebook account . The question is whether you are using these digital channels to your business advantage ? If your answer is no, then it is about high time you learn digital marketing . It is a necessary business skill to thrive and survive in the world
Mar 07 2021

How neuroscience and artificial intelligence can help each other

Over the past decades, brain research has revealed a lot about the physical structure of the brain and how the nervous system perceives and processes information . But much remains to be discovered. Machine learning systems are better than humans at finding complex and subtle patterns in huge amounts of data. Artificial neural networks Artificial neural networks, the most common approach to machine learning, are interconnected networks of digital processors that take input data, process measurements of that input data, and generate output data.
Mar 07 2021

How to start to be a web designer?

Guys, I want to share my little revelation about education . I graduated from the University of Civil Engineering, passed advanced training as a construction project manager, entered the Peoples ' Friendship University for a master's degree and it would seem that everything is great, but after working for half a year I realized that I do not like the job, not to mention the master's degree, one name and a crust for a tick.
Mar 06 2021

Uber to employ more than 70,000 drivers in Britain

Uber will officially employ more than 70,000 British drivers . This decision was taken by the company after the UK Supreme Court ruled that drivers should not be considered self-employed . This was reported by The Verge. What happened The trial in the Uber case lasted since 2016 . Then two drivers of the service said that their actions are too controlled by Uber, although the company is not an official employer
Feb 22 2021

Huawei will start charging Apple and Samsung royalties for 5G

Huawei Technologies Co . will start charging mobile giants like Apple Inc . a "reasonable" fee for access to its 5G wireless patents. The owner of the world's largest portfolio of patents in the field will negotiate bids and possible cross-licensing with the iPhone manufacturer, as well as with Samsung Electronics Co. Huawei seeks to make money on its technologies, especially in the face of US sanctions
Feb 22 2021

Python vs PHP

Every novice developer is faced with the fact that he needs to choose a programming language . Beginners are guided by world tops, tips from other programmers, and many other sources of information. The Exceed Team in their blog compares different programming languages, briefly explaining their purpose and advantages. There is no bad programming language . Each one is created for a specific purpose
Feb 14 2021

Python vs Golang

Python and Golang (Go) were originally created for different purposes . That is why comparing these languages from the position of " which is better” is inadequate . Your choice of these two programming languages is based on the goal that you are pursuing . To do this, you should compare what these languages are capable of. Using Python Python is a high-level programming language . Python is easy to use because of its syntax and simple code
Feb 14 2021

How to quickly learn Java?

These tips are collected by the Exceed Team as a result of many years of practice by many developers. Why choose a small project and it is better not to do parallel tasks while reading a Java book? The whole secret is in human thinking . When you see that your efforts are going to benefit the program, which in the future can be used in other projects, you better try to work on it . When you make developments to " remember”, then in the near future it will lose value for you.
Feb 14 2021

Python vs Java

Android apps are most often developed using Java . This fact alone makes novice developers think that learning Java is more promising . However, it is also possible to create Android apps in Python . And for the last three years, many developers have been using Kotlin instead of JavaScript and Java to create Android apps . Does this mean that Java is not relevant and that it competes with Python is stupid?
Feb 10 2021

What are the easiest programming languages?

Before we provide you with a list of easy-to-use and popular programming languages, the Exceed Team considers it important to clarify: If you are interested in which languages are in demand in 2021, you can check out our blog, where we compare programming languages and provide up-to-date statistics for 2021. “Which capsule will Neo choose?” There is an opinion that novice developers have only one choice from two directions:
Feb 10 2021

What will be the future of a Python programmer?

Python is one among the multi-paradigm and high-level languages that's employed by programmers thanks to its conventional features . Python has managed to dominate other programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc . Additionally to the present, its object-oriented feature has made it even more accurate to affect. In over the span of 25 years, Python has managed to succeed in A level that's high above others making it the fastest growing language
Feb 10 2021

What are some cool Python tricks?

Trick #1 Reversing a string in Python Trick #2 Transposing a Matrix Trick #3 a = [1,2,3] Store all three values of the list in 3 new variables Trick #4 a = ["Code", "mentor", "Python", "Developer"] Create a single string from all the elements in list above Trick #5 List 1 = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'] List 2 = ['p', 'q', 'r', 's'] Write a Python code to print ap bq cr ds Trick #6 Swap two numbers with one line of code
Feb 10 2021

Which is the best book for learning Python for absolute beginners on their own?

There are plenty of books, courses and other tools that you can start if you want to learn Python . But finding the right starter is quintessential in your journey. If you are setting your goals as learning Python and want to be thorough with what you pick up, the best way is to start with a book . Online courses have their advantages, and taking a course through these books is another beneficial element in your journey:
Feb 10 2021

TOP 5 python frameworks

A framework is a software platform that defines the structure of a software system / software / that facilitates the development and integration of various components of a large software project. They make life easier for developers and allow them to develop the technological progress of society . By 2021, a huge number of libraries are written in Python . What modern frameworks can help a developer in 2021?
Feb 09 2021

Ruby Python which one the best

It should be understood that when talking about Python or Ruby, none of the developers will talk about it in its purest form . Because they resort to Python or Ruby in certain situations, which are required in specific projects. According to Statista, the rating of popular programming languages for 2021 is as follows: Python occupies only the third position in the world ranking, and Ruby has settled on the 14th place
Feb 09 2021

What are the interesting Python scripts you've written?

One interesting script I’m proud (I’m working as a python developer for 2 years - so may be that script not really difficult for you - really senior 50 years experience python developer ahahaha) was to send a common message to all your friends on Facebook (for example - invitation to send $1 on my credit card ahahahaahah) . (the message will reach the inbox of everyone if you are using your gmail id is updated in Facebook profile, else it will reach Facebook's spam msg box).
Feb 09 2021

Why is Python so popular despite being so slow?

Speed is only important when you’re writing something that’s very computation-intensive or will be run many many times . For one-off jobs, or other jobs where speed of execution isn’t really important, speed of development becomes much more important. Python is a more semantically powerful, high-level language than faster languages, which makes it much quicker and less painful to develop in . It’s for the same reasons that it’s so semantically powerful that it’s so slow: it must be interpreted because the language is too dynamic to be statically compiled
Feb 08 2021

How to make Android apps using Python?

Android apps are most often developed using Java, and for the last three years, many developers have been using Kotlin over JavaScript . C# /C++ is also used for Android . Python often acts as an assistant language inside the main application. But that doesn't mean you can't develop Android apps using Python . To do this, you need to use the Python Kivy framework. It allows you to build a user interface
Feb 08 2021

What is Python used for?

Python syntax allows you to use it in almost all areas, except for system programming, where C++/C is popular. 1 . Libraries A lot of libraries do with Python . This is what makes it possible to make websites and applications faster and more technologically advanced every year. 2 . Writing scripts Python is the best language for writing scripts . Generating data, testing the program, deleting content, and many other functions helps to implement a script written in Python.
Feb 08 2021

How to learn Python?

1 . Motivation Motivation is the key to success, but if you keep it . Python will help you develop almost all existing technologies: And many other areas where Python is used . Choose one or two areas for yourself to specify your training and see the finished result from the completed task . For example, you want to develop a website . When you learn how to write elements for a future site in Python, it will be much easier for you not to lose motivation.
Feb 08 2021

The darknet sells a database of 21 million users of popular VPN services

A database of 21 million users of free VPN apps for Android has been published on shady forums . It includes email addresses, passwords and logins, as well as information about mobile devices and payments. The leak was discovered by CyberNews experts . The database contains customer data for applications such as GeckoVPN, SuperVPN, and ChatVPN . The base is dated February 24 . It contains user data from Russia and the Middle East.
Feb 06 2021

Google Photos will begin to compress high-quality photos with distortion

The Google Photos team has launched an email newsletter about new paid editing features for Google One customers . In addition, free users have been warned that uploading photos in their original quality will result in distortion . Thus, users will have to buy additional storage space in order to save the photo in the desired form. When the service was launched in 2015, its creator, Anil Sabharwal, promised that uploading high-quality photos would provide “nearly identical visual quality” to the original images.
Feb 06 2021

How to align DevOps and ITSM

A key concept in both ITIL and Dev Ops is continual improvement . ITIL practitioners focus on delivering value through beneficial outcomes . Well, DevOps practitioners focus on improving technical practices that deliver value to the customer . Services and products are deeply intertwined, and thus both ITIL and DevOps are working towards a common goal, delivering value to the customer. To create value in the team, the main question the head of the product team should be asking is this: “Do my team's methods or capabilities align with the service team's methods or capability?”
Nov 11 2020

Why everyone can benefit from learning project thinking

During product development, we can often meet people telling about project thinking . What is it and what benefits it can bring to the team ? Let's consider this term. Project thinking Project thinking or creative thinking means treating everything as a project, seeing the problem in the processes, and finding the best solutions, taking into account resources and time . A project is a temporary enterprise aimed at creating a unique product, service of decent quality within a limited time with limited resources
Nov 10 2020

Why a developer needs Kubernetes

To begin with - briefly what Kubernetes is . So, let's say you use Docker, package applications into Docker images, and deploy to production . This works if you have a simple application and you are delighted with how it works . But this is not enough if the requirements for your applications are higher than usual . For example: Docker will not cope with the above; you will have to look for another solution
Nov 09 2020

5 best Node.js frameworks

It takes experience to select the fitting framework for a particular task . Read this article to the end to learn about the six best Node.JS frameworks we prefer using on our projects . As a software development company, we share our tips and industry insights. What is Node.js? Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime that manages JavaScript code outside the browser. Mostly JavaScript is used to create client-side scripts are embedded in the HTML of a website page and run by the JavaScript engine in the browser
Nov 08 2020

Top 5 functional testing tools

Today, software testing plays one of the key roles in the process of creating, as well as maintaining a high-quality and popular IT product . The experts of our company tried to find out the positive and negative sides of the most popular functional testing tools . Selenium Selenium is a true old-timer among all functional testing tools . Its history began in 2004, and now it is considered the most popular tool in its industry
Nov 07 2020

4 approaches to linking modules in Node.js

Many Node.js developers exclusively use require() to link modules, but there are other approaches with their pros and cons . We’ll tell you about them in this article . We will consider four approaches: About the modules Modules and modular architecture are the foundation of Node.js . Modules provide encapsulation (hiding implementation details and only exposing the interface with module.exports), code reuse, logical splitting of code into files
Nov 04 2020

Ruby vs Python. Short comparison

Python and Ruby are two of the most successful examples of the latest generation of high-level languages based on simplicity and providing the developer the opportunity to get things done quickly instead of syntax complexity and strict hierarchy. Let's start our review with Ruby . Ruby's primary goal is to combine functional and imperative programming styles to make software development easier .
Nov 03 2020

How to write maintainable code?

I've been writing code for over 10 years now, and although I've been doing more management lately, at my peak I was able to write 500+ lines of well-performing code a day . Here are the principles that helped me with this:
Oct 17 2020

Why do you need a CDN?

After talking with a lot of specialists, the following problem arose: everyone knows that CDN is very good, it is correct, it is worth using . This article attempts to answer this question and explain in what cases a CDN can solve emerging problems and a number of technological and business problems . Content availability Quite often, every hour of downtime of an online store site is measured in very significant amounts
Oct 15 2020

Performance comparation Go, Python, Rust, Javascript

To test on a MAC: RAM: 8Gb CPU: Intel Core i7 2.7GHz We also ran tests on the Raspberry pi 4: RAM: 4Gb CPU: ARMv7 rev 3 (v7l) @ 4x 1.5Ghz
Oct 15 2020

b2b ideas and trends 2021

Recently I wrote about one curious pattern, I decided to generalize and find more interesting changes in b2b sales this year and what will grow in the next . The basis of the method is to look at those services for b2b sales that have become popular or have attracted investments . I took tweekly reviews as a basis (there you can read more about each one) Here's what's new clearly caught my eye: 1
Oct 15 2020

What programming language is used in Nike+ app?

There are 3 key languages that are used for building an app: Java has been the language of choice for mobile app creation based on Google's Android platform . Java is an extremely common programming language that enables cross-platform support and ease of portability when developing applications for different types of hardware and OSes . Kotlin, which is the newest of the programming languages highlighted in this list, was designed to completely interface with Java
Oct 15 2020

Web2py python wramework main features

The core list of the main Web2py features are: * It doesn't need to be enabled-just unzip and click on it-and you can build it in your browser.
Oct 14 2020

Multithreading vs asynchronous programming

There are several different concepts related to the field of parallel computing . Concurrency Parallel execution Multithreading Asynchronous execution Each of these terms is strictly defined and has a clear meaning . Concurrency Concurrency (*) is the most general term that says that more than one task is running at the same time . For example, you can watch TV and comment on photos on Facebook at the same time
Oct 12 2020

What does "yield" mean?

When reading someone else’s code, you can come across many incomprehensible constructions . And now I want to briefly highlight such a construction as yield . Yield is a keyword that is used in the same way as return . The difference is that the function starts returning a generator instead of a value . def generator (): for i in (1, 2, 3): yield i g = generator () print (g) <generator object generator at 0x2e58870> for i in g: print (i) 1 2 3 In this case, from a practical point of view, this is a useless example
Oct 12 2020

How to check if element is hidden in jQuery

You can toggle the visibility of an element using the .hide(), .show(), or .toggle() functions . How would you test if the element is visible or hidden? Solution 1: Since the question is about one element, this code might be more appropriate: // Checks css for display:[none|block], ignores visibility:[true|false] $(element).is(":visible"); // The same works with hidden $(element).is(":hidden");
Oct 10 2020

What does "use strict" mean in JavaScript?

The "use strict" in your JavaScript code turns on strict mode . (Or does nothing, in pre-fifth ECMAScript implementations) . This directive applies to the scope in which it is specified . Examples of using // file: ok.js "use strict"; // affects the whole file alert ("ok"); (function () { "use strict"; // valid only within the function alert ("ok"); } ()); What “use strict” affects
Oct 04 2020

Exceed Team Statement about the COVID situation

Exceed Team has more than 150 employees in different cities in the South of Russia: Taganrog, Shahty, Novocherkassk, Krasnodar, and Maykop . In conjunction with the COVID pandemic, we should suspend our work at the office and stay home to prevent the rise of COVID cases number among our workers . The operation mode stays the same . All communication between workers will be moved to Slack, Skype, and other messengers
Mar 20 2020

Form submit with bootstrap and nodejs

Here is provided a simple code sample of how to place bootstrap form on your site and connect it with node js server.
Jun 13 2019

Express subdomain routing

One day I ran into a problem of how to setup and test express-subdomain lib locally . And after 1 hour of research I resolved my problem :D Here is my solution: Firstly need to add a couple lines to your /etc/hosts file: And then I created live node js script
Apr 22 2019