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Web applications that'll help you digitize your internal or external processes, modernize legacy apps, or improve the mobile experience


Cross-platform web apps

Web App modernization

Progressive web app


Develop performant and secure web apps

We make web applications using time-proven languages and frameworks, store data in secure databases, and apply microservices to make apps scalable

Web applications for any need, device, and platform

Progressive web apps
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites with additional benefits for mobile devices. PWAs run on various OS, offering native-app-like functionality — push notifications, last loading, full-screen user experience, and more. We create PWAs that are mobile-focused, available offline, and easy to install on a user’s home screen.
Cache API
PRPL Pattern
HTTP/2 + Server Push
Fast-loading SPA
Single-page applications (SPA) update only required content and cache local data to improve the website’s speed. They some time to load the first time; after that, they load instantly and quickly react to all user actions. SPAs we make are fast, responsive, and work across multiple browsers. No page reloads or too long waiting time.
Responsive websites
Responsive applications adjust their design to different screen sizes of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Even if the window is changing in just one pixel, the page will swiftly rearrange its elements. By going responsive, you ensure great experience for mobile users and save time and money on designing the iOS or Android version of app.
CSS Flexbox
CSS Grid

Industries we're experts in

We create software for different industries and businesses, providing high-level tech specialists to handle software development.
Recent project
The app designed to help people with depression

Web-based EHR/EMR, patient portals, and telehealth applications, secure and HIPAA compliant. To ensure security, we encrypt sensitive information, configure access rights in the database and a firewall, and use Big Data algorithms for data analysis.

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Our managers will consult you about choosing a web-based solution for your needs.

Web application development services

We consult businesses, helping them to modernize or create apps from scratch with custom UI/UX design.
  • Software consulting
    BAs assess your idea, outline features, provide detailed cost and time estimates. Solution Architects help to choose suitable architecture and infrastructure, consult on programming tools and approaches.
  • Custom UI/UX design
    We follow Material Design guidelines, ensure page load optimization, and create responsive apps that are easy to use on any device. We make wireframes first, develop 2-3 visual concepts, then design every app screen.
  • Legacy web app modernization
    Re-architect old software, migrate to the cloud, add new features, or change the old-fashioned interface to a clear UI. Solution Architects will study your existing software and help to choose the best tools to upgrade it.
  • Custom web app development
    Full-cycle web app development service: from getting acquainted with the idea to product release. Our development teams have every tech specialist you may need — developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, DevOps.

Types of web apps we create

Our development expertise covers all popular types of web applications, from marketplaces to streaming platforms.
E-commerce apps and B2B portals to expand your business online. We integrate payments, in-app chats, and store data in the cloud. We ensure meeting SOC 1,2, & 3, PCI DSS (level 1), ISO 27001, and FIPS 140-2.
CRM, ERP, HRM, and web-based apps that improve workflow. We use Inspinia templates to cut time on making admin panels, apply AWS for security and high-performance, and use microservices for scaling.
Material guidelines
Live streaming apps, custom OTT platforms, digital media that engage your audience. Apps for mobile and desktop browsers and TVs that follow the latest trends like gamification, audio and video streams, audio chats.
Web marketplaces for product sales, rentals, and services management. Our team implement payments, mapping, and integrate search systems. Your product gets validation of a user’s identity and transactions.

Ask our managers anything you want to know about software development, and they’ll answer your question within 24 hours. It’s free of charge and commitment.

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Development process at Exceed Team

We follow the Scrum framework, working in 2-week sprints and completing a set amount of work by the end of each. Then show a demo or release the product.
Study the project
  • We analyze your requirements — project type, features, platforms — then create specification, design and approve wireframes. In other cases, we study your already-made documentation and provide rough and detailed time & money estimates.
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect

Web application we’ve delivered for our clients

Palmetto Park Realty it is a top homes listing platform.
Top homes listing platform.
The project is aimed to help agents reduce the time for searching and processing clients, and buyers to select the necessary real estate in a particular area according to the specified parameters and get convenient tools that allow buyers to get the most complete and structured information about the property they are interested in and solve most issues online.
Implemented features:
The server part was developed using NodeJS + MongoDB technology. A parser engine was also built that constantly monitors discounts on retailer sites and updates the existing database. To get the game results in real time, the client wished to use SocketIO technology. The entire backend structure has been developed in accordance with the best international practices, is fully documented and is ready for further expansion and support.
Core tech stack:
React, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDb
3 members
25 months
Online health food store
Online health food store
Designed the UI/UX:
Our main goal of UI / UX was to create a brighter and more concise design within the color range set by the GaiaHerbs brand. We identified mockups and wifi frames for the development of each page of the online store and for creation the detailed interface layouts in the nearest future. An important aspect of the work was the user-friendliness of the interface for mobile devices and the intuitiveness of the admin panel
Developed the frontend:
One of the client’s wishes was the high speed of the site and good indexability of search engines! We have chosen a reliable combination of technologies to develop an interface for GaiaHerbs pages. We used HTML5 for page layout, CSS3 for design (we used CSS flexbox to make page layout as flexible as possible,) and JavaScript, which complies with the ES6 standard for interactivity. In order to simplify the development, we used Stylus, a rich CSS extension, Gulp.js, a JavaScript task tool, and Babel, a tool for converting ES6 code to backward compatible JavaScript for older browsers and environments
Core tech stack:
Angular, Node.js, MongoDb, WebStorm
4 members
5 months

Technology stack

We use the following tools to create web applications and admin panels

Web Architecture





















We keep deepening our expertise to build even more innovative, secure, and scalable apps

Questions you may have
Answering popular questions about website application development services
Web app development stands for creating custom web applications from scratch, including web design, user- and server-side development, and QA testing.
Apart from creating custom web applications, we provide services like web designing, QA testing, support, and maintenance.
Always check your web developers' expertise and make sure they provide the services you need.

Check your tech vendors portfolio to find similar projects, or go on the company's Clutch / GoodFirms page and look through their previous clients' reviews.

If you have a tech expert or CTO on your side, request a tech interview with selected software developers.
Start with listing your requirements. For example, if you want a custom UI design but have no in-house designers, look for companies that provide such services.

If you're making the web app from scratch, make sure your tech vendor has every specialist required. Usually, the team includes Business Analysts, Project Managers, front and back end developers, QA engineers, DevOps.
We follow these steps:
  1. Business analysis. We gather and analyze your project requirements and document them in a specification.
  2. UI/UX design. Create wireframes and screen by screen design for your web app.
  3. Development. Take care of both user and server-side development and testing.
  4. Release. Make your website go live.
  5. Maintenance. Support or enhance existing products (if requested).
In responsive design, the layout is shrinking or expanding according to users’ display width. Even if the window is changing in one pixel, the page will slightly rearrange its elements.

You save time and money on designing the mobile version, and your users enjoy great experience on their smartphones and tablets.
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