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We provide custom real estate software development services including CRM and ERP systems, property management tools, apps for agents, auction platforms and custom-tailored features and complex solutions for individual business needs.

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Statistics on technologies in the real estate business
near 90%
of prospects search their homes online.
of realtors use social media
more leads receive agents who spend $1,000 or more to maintain their website than those who spend $500 or less.
of all firms consider keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years.
of home sellers want to work with agents who use drone marketing.
We know how to make more profit by using PropTech solutions and will guide you in the right direction.
Initiate your business progress with PropTech solutions implementation
Solutions for Real Estate Agents and Businesses
Real estate CRM and ERP system
Integrate and automate all your inner data and business processes under ERP system and take full control of sales processes with advanced multifunctional CRM.
Building a performance tracking system
Reduce operating costs, find possibilities for energy savings, increase asset value and improve your competitive advantage with help of complex performance tracking.
Building intelligence software
Provide customers with perfect-match home search results, convince them with accurate predictions on present appraisals and future market value based on the processing of a large amount of data from different sources.
Buying and selling platforms
Combine both customer experiences of buying and selling property under one platform. We can technologically support you in setting your rules for custom listings, transparency, and speed of the deal.
Apps for real estate agents
Save time on planning and scheduling meetings, lead generation and management, reduce response time with real-time notifications and benefit with other custom features we can develop on your demand.
Real estate auctions platform
Organize online auction convenient for all stakeholders. Ensure effective bidding function, mobility, and safety for all parties involved.
We develop cool projects, sustainable for high-loads.
Russian Real-Estate platform.
Something cool that is done there:
  • Development of comfortable real estate search system with usage of filters accoding to the customer's request
  • Integration of mortgage calculation system
  • Adaptive layout
  • Development of CRM
  • Development of 3D model for comfortable picking up of the apartments in multi-storey houses
Palmetto Park
Real-Estate Platform.
Something cool that is done there:
  • Development of new convenient interface
  • Increase of system speed
  • Development of CRM-system for automatizing of agents' tasks and checking up the reporting of customers' activity in the system
  • Connecting of different metrics for tracking user behaviour in order to improve the interface
  • SEO optimization for search systems
  • Optimization of database for quick search in real estate base
Bitpool is a Building Intelligence technology which is a platform for collecting data from any building. It is an ecosystem of software that empowers users to make real-time decisions and educated predictions about the ongoing performance and health of a building.
Something cool that is done there:
  • Corporate chat
  • BigData analytic
  • Admin panel
  • Reporting system
  • System of widgets
  • Payments solution
Let’s create a strong single solution to meet all your business needs together
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