We build custom healthcare solutions that meet the latest industry standards and allow healthcare providers to optimize workflows and provide better services to patients
The COVID crisis boosts the transformation of healthcare: 76% of patients and doctors are interested in telehealth apps, and that requires innovations and tech proficiency
Pharmaceutical companies
Private physicians
Medical equipment manufacturers
Corporate wellness providers
Other healthcare providers
Our team can build healthcare software for any organization, platform, or device. We offer custom solutions, tech integrations, and compliance with mHealth standards
Web-based apps
We build secure and HIPAA-compliant web solutions that give access rights and use encryption to protect sensitive information. Our team can develop appointment scheduling, messaging, video conferencing, and other communicatin features that make healthcare services accessible and enhance your online presence
Mobile apps
We develop native mobile apps for iOS or Android as well as cross-platform solutions built with Flutter. Our team creates features that enable smooth doctor-patient communication, emergency calls, online prescriptions, medication management, health data tracking, and more
Wearable devices
We create modern solutions for fitness trackers, smartwatches, and similar monitoring devices that work on operating systems Wear OS and watchOS
HOW Healthcare software development helps you
Benefits for patients
  • Remote healthcare
  • Convenient appointment making
  • Fast document management
  • Access to personal medical history and laboratory tests
  • Medication reminders
  • Vital signs measurements (via wearable devices)
Benefits for healthcare providers
  • Less paperwork
  • Improved patient diagnostics
  • Valuable user data analytics
  • HIPAA-compliant tools
  • Storing data on every interaction in the EHR system
  • Effective staff management and training
WHAT WE  can do together
Hospitals, laboratories, and private medical practice
  • Develop EHR and EMR systems
    Handle medical records, maintain supplies, schedule appointments, manage billing, and more
  • Create telehealth, telemedicine, clinical apps
    Improve customer experience with remote medical consultations and enhance specialists’ work
Pharmacy industry
  • Pharmacy industry
    Use custom pharmacy software to automate repetitive work and handle more customers in less time
  • Build a pharmacy IMS (Inventory Management System)
    Manage the restocking, warehousing, and dispensing processes with ease
  • Build a pharmacy delivery app
    Enhance customer experience, increase your sales, and stand out among competitors
Medical device and supply manufacturers
  • Build an E-commerce website
    Improve online presence and brand awareness and boost customer engagement to increase sales
  • Create a custom CRM system
    Get a full picture of how customers interact with your products so that you can improve offers
  • Build a custom dashboard
    Integrate data analytics tools to your website monitoring the performance of products or categories
Corporate health and wellness providers
Health and wellness digital solutions for workplaces include top-notch user experience, individual profiles with relevant information, user statistics, personalized recommendations, and more
IEC 62304
ISO 13485
Technology integration
We can integrate your corporate tools (CRM, ERP, EHR/EMR, databases, payment gateways, etc.) into one custom healthcare solution to increase efficiency and reduce costs
Security and compliance
We follow security regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, and more) and use up-to-date encryption methods to ensure the protection of stored data and uploaded files
Web and mobile development
We can create a “white label” or custom healthcare app or website from scratch, following your product requirements document (PRD)
Custom UX/UI design
We can create a clear, attractive, and accessible user interface that works best for your customers and employees so that you can expand the audience and improve workflows
Staff Augmentation
We provide you with experienced developers, designers, or other specialists for your in-house team, new project, or startup
Answering popular questions about healthcare software development with Exceed Team
What are the advantages of using healthcare software?
EHR and CRM systems in the healthcare industry can upgrade all processes for your employees, improve patient care, and reduce costs. You can minimize paperwork and update data in real time, which improves diagnosis making. Another advantage is the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics so that doctors identify patterns and get treatment recommendations.
How can healthcare providers use mobile apps?
Healthcare mobile apps provide a top-quality user experience and perform multiple functions. For example, clinical apps updating lab results and analyzing Big Data to improve the work of doctors and nurses. Another example is telehealth apps allowing any patient to visit their doctor via a video call. All healthcare apps improve your workflows and help you provide a better patient experience.
I want to build an EHR system and a mobile app for my clinic. What steps should I take?
1. Study your competitors’ experience. This might be similar clinics from your area or big healthcare providers working internationally. Identify how they organize patient care via mobile apps and EHR systems. 2. Find out what they don’t provide or what can be done better. This helps to make a list of functions for your own project. 3. Look for a development company to do UX/UI design, web and mobile development, and QA testing. Alternatively, you can outsource developers for your project.
How much does it cost to develop the software for the healthcare industry?
Developers’ hourly rates depend on a part of the globe where you’re looking for specialists to hire. For example, it’s $100-$200 in North America, $25-$50 in Eastern Europe (we are from here), $50-$100 in Western Europe, $20-$50 in South Asia, and $50-$100 in Australia.
Can Exceed Team build an app or website compliant with HIPAA or other standards?
Yes, we can. Security is our priority when building software for the healthcare industry. Our specialists ensure compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, ISO 27001, and other standards.
I have a question that is not listed here
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