Victory loves preparation

Aggregation of requirements — the base of future project. The better the aggregation, the more understanding, clarity and hitting the target will be further. So, there are less changes, additional works and expenses.

Programming Technologies We Love

Data & Hosting

Cloud Hosting
& Security

Development of the cloudy software is an excellent solution for the company which needs the application or the program with expanded user preferences, good scalability and an easy integriration with the server.


Additional serious specialization of Exceed Solutions is migration of data from one system in another. We carry out safe data migration at updates of versions of any information systems and also at introduction and integration of new applications.

Benefits of a custom Application

Utilize Employee Time Better

Automation of business is a rearrangement of all routine tasks on computer shoulders. All processes which are taking place in the company are ordered in one uniform system.

Eliminate Human Error

When we speak about human work, we have to keep positive human factors, such as enthusiasm, motivation, interest in high-quality performance of the work. But it is necessary to reduce influence of such qualities as mistakes, forgetfulness, carelessness, irresponsibility, abuses.

Online Storage
(no paper)

The organizations collect, analyze and store more data, than ever. The decision is the Online Storage. The main advantages are a scalability and availability. In addition, online storage increases the level of security of data

Searchable Content

All team of the company can have access to the "freshest" data, helping to cooperate in real time irrespective of whether there are workers in one office or on different sides of the planet.

Data Analytics

Custom application allow business to order information and it is easy to share it, whether it be the presentations, videos, reports or audio recordings. Information becomes portable, easily moved and always available.

Potential Integrations

API Integration with other systems

By means of API of large services they can be integrated with any web resource that leads to considerable expansion of functionality and opportunities of the website. Integration with services on API allows to automate data exchange processes.

Marketing automation

Automate marketing, turn visitors into buyers. Your team will see each trifle about the client. It helps to close successfully transactions and to resolve issues.

E-Mail / Text Message solutions

E-mail - the channel of attraction and deduction of clients. But it is not always convenient to work in a usual e-mail client: important messages are lost among hundreds of others, and processing of letters happens manually and takes away a lot of time. These problems can be solved with the help of integration of CRM and email.

Payment Solutions

To the modern websites there are a lot of various requirements, but the most important is the convenience of its use by the buyer and owner of an Internet resource. Considerably this parameter is provided with various services among which not the last place is taken by a payment form online.