Quality Assurance Services


What is QA?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic way of developing an environment that guarantees the verification of the product being developed and its high quality as a result of the development.

Who can guarantee high quality?

The Exceed Team for its many years of experience in the development of many projects, has well studied the behavior of people, who wants to develop their application.
They are afraid that their project will be done by incompetent developers and do not understand the algorithm for creating applications. The Exceed Team understands the value of our customers, which is why we wrote “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”.
The material of this article will allow you:
  • Find competent developers
  • Understand the project development algorithm
  • Don't overpay for development services
  • Have a more confident dialogue with the development team
The Exceed Team will briefly describe which specialists are better to choose for the implementation of your project and how exactly quality control is carried out during application development.

How to сhoose the right development team?

When you start looking for a team, there are a number of factors to consider. These factors shape the price and quality of your application. The split data is segmented according to the following criteria:
  • Software development companies
  • Freelancers
  • Websites with a ready-made solution - constructors
1. Software development companies. These are specialized firms that recruit programmers staff based on their experience, skills and efficiency. Choosing this variant, those who want to create an application will be offered a team that is able to satisfy all the wishes of the client. The Exceed Team belongs to these types of companies.
At the same time, the company will provide information on the team’s experience in their existing applications. It will be possible to study the quality of work on existing examples. This type of cooperation fits the definition of a dedicated team, since taking on your project, the company undertakes to:
  • Create Application within treaty deadline
  • Do not spread the unique idea of your application on the Internet
  • Provide you with a high-quality application
  • Carry out transparent work and report on the current state of project readiness at the request of the client
The Exceed Team is ready to show you our portfolio of projects, so you can be sure of the quality level.
2. Freelancers. These are programmers who work remotely and most often alone. A freelance developer is only suitable for creating an application or a separate function of an application if he is experienced.
Freelance developers can work with a client under a contract similar to a company. However, most of the freelancers prefer to take work without a formal contract, which carries its own risks for the client, and even for the freelancer himself. The most common risks in working with freelancers without a contract:
  • Embellishing your real skills and abilities
  • Violation of the deadline for the delivery of the application
  • The risk of the freelancer's communication with the customer disappearing and stopping, if the application has problems when working after the project is completed
  • No step-by-step verification of the application
Freelancers are self-employed and often work alone. If you want a well-developed application with more functionality, a freelance programmer needs to spend more time developing it.
At the same time, in the development teams of companies, each team member can take on certain stages of application development. This reduces the time to create a project.
A website with a ready-made solution-designers. These sites provide easy templates for you to design your site beautifully and use the tools provided by the site. They have a number of divisions that help you to choose a template for a specific type of business:
goods / services / personality / blog
Such applications provide extremely limited functionality and can be useful only if a person wants to practice working with the application and decide what he needs when working with the application.
For example, if you create a website based on a template and start working on it, functional imperfections may pop up. The Exceed Team advises you to write down all these nuances, so when developing a full-fledged website, an experienced team of programmers will take them into account and add them to your application.
If a person who wants to create an application believes that ready-made solutions are able to fully meet their needs, then most likely they will face the following risks and limitations:
  • A website created on the basis of an application that does not belong to you makes it impossible to expand the functionality and strengthen the site. Your site needs updates, and the platform that provided you with the template only deals with general updates of the entire application
  • Your unique business idea can be copied by other people and created faster than you can create your original web application
  • You pay for the website template provided to you and its use. Many sites ask for small amounts, however, they provide very compressed statistics on the site and are not able to provide the necessary functionality of the application
Knowing these categories of developers, you can anticipate the result of cooperation and choose the most convenient solution for yourself.

Algorithm for creating an application and applying the QA system

First of all, you need to describe the idea of your application. The functionality of the future application is built from this idea. You can get inspired by brand new ideas by exploring our blog.
When you have decided to create an application and have found a team that suits you, the process will begin, detailed in the article “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”.
The Exceed Team will describe a short version of the article, where we will tell you the algorithm of the development team working on your application. Let's start with the stage when everything is approved and the development team, armed with a technical plan, begins its work.
The steps described below may change depending on the type and complexity of the project. However, there is a general form that will help the customer to navigate and understand at what stage the work is going on and how much more time the team has left to work on the application.
  • Description of the technical task. The documentation and all the additional points that were discussed during the creation of the contract are translated into technical terminology. This allows developers to understand quickly the level of work and start the task
  • Creating navigation and design is the initial site model. Drawing the site design and typical application elements. Here you can create a "framework”, create a menu view, place site objects, etc.
  • Description of structural elements in the layout language. The view that the designer placed, the developer brings to the working view using markup languages
  • Programming. The programmer writes code for each of the selected functions, allowing you to interact with it, make transitions, create automatic functions, etc. A very big stage, which is internally divided into many tasks
  • The first test of the project. The first test of what was created. But there is still a lot of work to be done before the project is completed
  • Installation. At this stage, the application is linked to the server and the configuration is configured for optimal performance
  • Final test. Identify all types of errors and correct them before delivering the finished application to the customer. If the tester finds errors, it writes them out and sends them to the programmers who are working on fixing them
  • Delivery of the application. At this stage, all errors are corrected, the work is checked and the customer studies the finished product. Whether all the wishes are met, whether everything continues to work effectively. If all these criteria work, then the customer is explained how they can work with the application.
This concludes the work of the web application development team.

Who controls the quality?

At certain stages of development, the tester controls the progress of the work.
The job of the application tester is to fix the code, improve the application and solve all the bugs.
Typically on projects, quality control tracking is carried out depending on the type of responsibility. There are the following types:
  • Project-based model - all responsibility in terms of technical solutions and project management belong to the developers. Contains a predefined list of tasks, scope, and deadlines
  • Extended team - the responsibility, management and control of the project development lies with the customer. Within the development team, usually with such a model, the person responsible for the customer's organization is placed. The responsible person controls and clarifies the current stage of the project. This form allows you to stay within budget when creating large projects
  • Mixed team - this type is suitable if you have your own programmers, but you want to hire a team from the company to create complex site updates. For example, cloud storage integration, video calls, etc. Such interaction allows you to save time and money, since the work is carried out jointly. The responsibility for the project is divided according to the drawn up contract.
In all cases, a tester is required. Not only the quality of the final application depends on the work of the tester, but also the image of the all development company. What to do if you need such a tester from the outside? Or do you already have a ready-made application, but it works unsatisfactorily?
In this case, you can contact the Exceed Team . Our team of testers will study your problem, help you solve it, and help your customers experience the comfort of using your app.

Let's discuss your idea

This article was written by the Exceed Team in order to ensure that everyone who wants to create their own application does not feel fear from misunderstanding the structure of the work and does not become a victim of unscrupulous developers.
If you have any questions and want to learn more about which solutions in creating, testing and designing applications are right for you, please contact us.
The Exceed Team team will select the solution you need, tell you all the nuances and put the most suitable development team for your project.
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