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Palmetto Park Realty it is a top homes listing platform, that connects professional real estate agents and buyers.

  • Summary

    40% of real estate agents’ work automized with the help of the CRM system we build.

    60% increase in the number of customers became a reality thanks to the real estate website with a tracking system.

  • Subject matter

    Finding a home on the Internet is one of those things that at first is fun but can quickly be discouraged. There are many incomplete sources of house listings there, and it's easy to miss something. Palmetto Park specializes in combining local databases to provide a complete picture of homes for sale in our markets.

  • Key ideas for project concept

    • Organization of possibility for quick search through the use of intermediate caching in Algolia search
    • Database optimization using stored procedures
    • Development of a map with a convenient search for real estate by location
    • Development of tools that optimize most of the work of the real estate agents
    • Development of tools that help users to find desired property and assign Schedule Tour with the client as comfortably as possible


September 2017 - November 2019
Backend - 1 Frontend - 1 PM - 1
  • Custom CRM system that helped to automate 40% of real estate agents’ work.
  • The user-friendly platform, that helped to attract 60% more home seekers.
  • SEO-optimized website, that enhanced Palmetto Park promotion.
Challenges we faced
Challenges we faced

The project is aimed to help agents reduce the time for searching and processing clients, and buyers to select the necessary real estate in a particular area according to the specified parameters and get convenient tools that allow buyers to get the most complete and structured information about the property they are interested in and solve most issues online.

Implemented features
Implemented features

The server part was developed using NodeJS + MongoDB technology. A parser engine was also built that constantly monitors discounts on retailer sites and updates the existing database. To get the game results in real time, the client wished to use SocketIO technology. The entire backend structure has been developed in accordance with the best international practices, is fully documented and is ready for further expansion and support.

Implemented features

CRM included all the necessary functionality to automate the work of real estate agents. Such features were implemented as:

  • Client base management module
  • Agent sales tracking module, with the ability to filter by specified parameters
  • Template generation system for Email / SmS / Voices messages and newsletters
  • Timeline for displaying the communication history of agents and customers
  • Administration module with the ability to add and view agents / tags / offices / plans
  • Sales tracking page with charts and reporting on the given parameters

The functionality was implemented to add custom filters for the administrator to search for real estate by clients

Functionality was implemented for automatic customer calls in the database. A technology like Twillio was used for this module.

For the convenience of using the resource, modern technologies were used, as well as an adaptive and progressive design

An automatic notification system was implemented for both buyers and agents according to specified criteria and events.

Real estate search speed has been increased through the use of modern Algolia Search technology

Various functions of tracking user actions were added to improve the sales process and to better understand and analyze user actions in the system

We also implemented a system where the buyer could choose the date and time of showing the property of interest with an agent assigned to the object

No modern system for the sale of real estate appears without a credit calculator. And Palmettopark is no exception, we have implemented a calculator automatically adapted to each object                    real estate site

For greater convenience and accuracy of the choice by the buyer of the property of interest, a map was implemented where the user could select according to the parameters of interest all objects that meet the selected criteria, in                    a given area or in proximity with its location.

Also, a page was displayed to show full information about the object, including a gallery, amenities, location, etc.

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