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Online health food store. Growing herbs with care and attention allows Gaia to offer products designed to optimize vitality while maintaining purity and integrity.

  • The story behind Gaia.

    GaiaHerbs was founded in 1987 and the company still remained true to its main goals and principle “to promote health through a healthy and balanced diet”! A representative of Darrow West contacted us and asked for help in creating an online store to increase the company's sales.

  • Analysis

    Recently the market for healthy food demand has grown significantly, while online stores and e-commerce are becoming increasingly relevant! One of the reasons why online stores have grown over the years is the experience that businesses can provide to their customers. Modern companies are adding new features and services for online shoppers to provide them with the same support and assistance they would have during a personal shopping experience. So our task was just to add some new features and capabilities for a more comfortable and convenient choice of products.

  • Our solutions

    We have developed a convenient and fast online store that allows a person to purchase unique gaia products without leaving his home. This solution entailed a convenient admin interface for tracking orders and personalized promoter emails, the work speed and automatic calculation of delivery prices depending on the delivery address.


April 2017 - September 2017
Backend - 1 Frontend - 2 PM - 1
Designed the UI/UX
Designed the UI/UX

Our main goal of UI / UX was to create a brighter and more concise design within the color range set by the GaiaHerbs brand. We identified mockups and wifi frames for the development of each page of the online store and for creation the detailed interface layouts in the nearest future. An important aspect of the work was the user-friendliness of the interface for mobile devices and the intuitiveness of the admin panel

Developed the backend
Developed the backend

We chose the REST API for the backend because this architecture is flexible, simple, and extensible. So it makes it easy to integrate the structure into the mobile application in the future. We provided a clear admin interface so that our moderator can manage the content of the site just in a few clicks. Right after making changes to the admin panel, they become available to users automatically. The administrator can easily change the headings, texts, images, icons, and color schemes in a couple of clicks. We used Redis RAM caching to speed up the response time of the API and the order completion process. A flexible module was developed to calculate automatically the delivery price depending on the country, user address, and the selected delivery service.

Developed the frontend
Developed the frontend

One of the client’s wishes was the high speed of the site and good indexability of search engines! We have chosen a reliable combination of technologies to develop an interface for GaiaHerbs pages. We used HTML5 for page layout, CSS3 for design (we used CSS flexbox to make page layout as flexible as possible,) and JavaScript, which complies with the ES6 standard for interactivity. In order to simplify the development, we used Stylus, a rich CSS extension, Gulp.js, a JavaScript task tool, and Babel, a tool for converting ES6 code to backward compatible JavaScript for older browsers and environments

Implemented features

As soon as the customer completes the order and provides the necessary information, he will be able to pay via PayPal or by entering his debit card details directly. Customers can pay using Payflow Pro, an open and secure PayPal gateway for PayPal payments.

Gaia trackers track the number of events, such as an order creation/payment, an order status change. Users are instantly notified via SMS, push notifications, or email. The notification system is flexible, so users can configure their preferred channels and particular notifications which they want to receive

We have developed an admin interface that allows person to add blog articles in a convenient and understandable format and to edit existing ones as well. Not only can an administrator format the existing content (add headings, lists, phonons, etc.), he can also add the media one (images and videos) Layouts and wireframes

We have created layouts. This allowed us to take advantage of our client’s vision and get a clearer idea of ​​what the final result should be and how the whole website should function, especially the admin interface.

Since server-side rendering is crucial for optimizing search engines and therefore it is vital for promoting Gaia as well.

If visitors have questions, they can send a message to GaiaHerbs representatives directly on the website by clicking on the Contact Us tab. When a visitor clicks on this tab, they are asked to provide their first name, last name, email address, phone number, country and message.

We have developed a convenient interface for managing all orders and accounting for all users. Our server side automatically sends requests for the delivery service to determine the current status of the order. The user can monitor the status of the order on our website in real time

Technology Stack

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Rest API
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