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Bitpool is a Building Intelligence technology, so it is a platform for collecting data from any building. It is an ecosystem of software that empowers users to make real-time decisions and educated predictions about the ongoing performance and health aspects of a building.

  • The story behind BitPool.

    Bitpool is Building Intelligence technology, which is a platform for collecting data from any building. The Beatpool team was founded in 2014 and it strongly believes in smart cities. At the moment, it is a convenient online platform for running smart homes and even entire cities. Dave, the head of the company, contacted us and offered to take part in developing and promoting his product!

  • Analysis

    Over the past few years, we have seen significant improvements in the management and monitoring of buildings within countries, as well as improvements in communication and cooperation between buildings. It reveals the need for convenient online platforms to support building ecosystems and teamwork to optimize the management process, minimize costs, and achieve high results!

  • Our solutions

    We have developed a convenient and expansile portal for the dynamic management of smart homes! We have implemented the ability to connect both from one house / corporate party and from the whole city. We developed a convenient input data processor based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to process data of different formats! We consider a data analysis module for performance management, troubleshooting or deviations as an important block of our work. It is worth mentioning, that based on all the data collected, the information is processed and the improvements are proposed that minimize waste and increase the value of assets!


April 2015 - May 2018
Backend - 1 Frontend - 1 PM - 1
Designed the UI/UX
Designed the UI/UX

Primarily the site design includes the stylization of an internal portal for managing smart homes and the main selling landing page! During our work on the product, we developed and improved a huge number of micro-widgets (tables, graphs, aggregate data, etc.) The adaptation of the product to mobile screen resolutions was an important aspect of the work as well!

Developed the architecture
Developed the architecture

The server architecture was designed to make the system fast, secure, stable and scalable. We brainstormed to determine the best components for this project, which would allow us to build a system in accordance with all requirements. As a result, we chose the REST API for the backend, because this architecture is flexible, simple, and easy to integrate with mobile applications. We have provided a clear admin interface so that our moderator can manage the companies. We used Redis RAM caching to speed up API response time and application processing. A flexible module was developed for automatic data uploading by the user in an arbitrary format as well.

Developed the frontend
Developed the frontend

An important part of the work was the creation of extensible and reusable components within our widgets! Here is an example. The tables with dynamic content loading, download indicators, and pagination are used in more than 15 widgets. Therefore we developed single reusable components, which give our product stability, supportability, and a good rate of development! We used HTML5 for page layout, CSS3 / SASS for design, and JavaScript conforming to the ES6 standard for interactivity.

Implemented features

We have developed a convenient interface for tracking statistics and user funnels! We set business goals and track the achievement of these goals in order to track behavioral factors! As a result, the design of the site and sales pages has been redesigned about 10 times, which increased the passage through the list by almost 80%

We have implemented a flexible module of payment subscriptions and billing according to a schedule with double checks of payment status (in case the server reboots at the time of payment or lag in the Internet connection, etc.) The module works as a service in the background! Customers can pay using PayPal and credit / debit cards.

As part of a huge number of widgets, it was necessary to implement our own reusable components of modal windows, data validation buttons, tables, graphs, and some more! All components are framed in the form of plugins, which makes it easy, convenient and what is more important, it allows to quickly reuse them in different parts of the code, saving development and testing time

Our system informs users about important events. Users can set the types of alerts they want to receive and the way they want to receive them. The default alerts include chat message and important changes to the connection.

We have created layouts. This allowed us to understand the client’s vision and get a clearer idea of ​​how the final result should look like and how the portal should function, especially the interaction of widgets on the page. Personalized invitations, sharing

We added the sharing feature to Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and Instagram. We developed unique images for each of these sites. When a user publishes an invitation to manage an object, his publication has a preview on the subject, after he publishes an invitation to a portal. It is considered to be the main advantage of our platforms.

Sub-accounts for various people related to managing the building or residents. The manager can create user profiles. Profiles allow you to personalize, so that participants can view and edit information about the building depending on their role!

Technology Stack

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