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What is the convenience of a mobile app?

Time doesn’t stand still and marketers around the world have recognized that the mass consumer has moved to smartphones. This is due to the increasing pace of life and the importance of mobility in any place and at any time.
Now you can use your mobile phone:
  • Learn a new profession
  • Write texts
  • Create tables
  • Watch TV series and movies
  • Listen to music or audiobook
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Order food
  • Book a room at the hotel
  • Find out your location
  • Call a taxi
  • Buy air, railway and other tickets
And much more. Every month, the number of mobile phone app features is growing as more entrepreneurs create their own apps.

Business benefits from a mobile app

According to the statistics of the portal “becomingminimalist”, there is a massive dependence of people on their phones. So:
  • Every person who has a mobile phone, touches it on average 2617 times a day
  • Most people spend at least 3 hours a day on the phone on average
  • Half of all phone calls occur within 3 minutes of the previous one
What does this mean for business?
  1. Collecting the customer base. The potential customer is in different applications most of the time. This allows you to analyze the audience and respond to changes in consumer demand in time
  2. The mobile app provides a source of additional income. In-app advertising is one of the most popular means of earning money
  3. The app makes the brand better in the eyes of customers
  4. The mobile app collects statistics and is personalized for the client. People are used to personalization. A large number of apps lost their audience because they didn't implement personalization
  5. The app encourages the customer to purchase
  6. The mobile application provides an increase in the brand's competitiveness
And many other opportunities that open up to the business owner. In 2021, the best investment for your business is to create a channel of communication with customers. The 2020 pandemic has literally destroyed those businesses that didn't bother to advertise their brand online.
A number of companies had to make the following choices:
  1. Development/creating your own app
  2. Care for large platforms of B2B, B2C, etc. systems.
  3. Social media development and delivery
  4. Bankruptcy
The departure of small and medium-sized businesses to the sites of other companies, such as Alibaba, eBay and many others, forces businesses to adopt the rules of such sites. Often, any account improvements are made for a fee. And that's not a bad thing, because the business world needs constant cash flow. But for small and micro businesses, paying for additional features of large sites may be too expensive.
At the same time, going to social networks looks like a more loyal option. However, entrepreneurs should not perceive them as the only platform on the Internet. This is due to the risks that the sale of goods carries, exclusively with the help of social networks:
  • Massive competition
  • The consumer is more serious about the brand if they have their own web application. If this is not the case, then consumers perceive the product/service as something of poor quality.
  • Content theft
  • Plagiarizing Your Business Idea is Faster
  • With the advertising settings of modern social networks, it is often possible to increase account traffic only by paying for advertising. Even an SEO manager is practically powerless in social networks.
Bankruptcy is the worst option for any business. Many entrepreneurs carried out their activities on credit until 2020. When the pandemic hit and the flow of customers declined, the entrepreneurs fell into a trap.
To avoid bankruptcy, entrepreneurs choose to go to large sites, social networks, or create/develop their own application.

What mobile apps can we create?

The Exceed Team has been developing mobile and web applications for more than 10 years. We have made projects of different levels of complexity, and a number of them required our developers to come up with an original idea.
Thanks to the collection of statistics and business analysis, we can say that the success of a mobile application is based on:
  1. Unique app idea
  2. The quality of the developed mobile application
  3. Advertising company
Let's have a look at all three criteria so you understand the mechanics of creating a mobile app and get inspired to create your own.

1. Unique idea

Finding an idea is not the easiest task. To help you to find your unique mobile app idea, you can ask the following questions:
  1. What problem can the app solve?
  2. How does the mobile app differ from the competition?
The answers to these questions will help you to see the structure of the future application, form its mission and goals. Business tasks are built up.
Business goals are tasks that need to be solved in order to improve the business and achieve its main goal-to make a profit.
According to the experience of the Exceed Team , customers most often turn to creating/improving their mobile application to achieve the following business goals:
  • Gathering the audience in one place. The app allows businesses to gather their potential customers
  • Data collection and analysis. The mobile app allows entrepreneurs to track the movement and behavior of people inside the app. This allows you to collect key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve the business performance based on them
  • Achieve maximum presence in the mobile app. By adding plugins, the application ensures that users stay inside it for as long as possible. We can talk about creating chats for communication, the possibility of commenting, watching videos, paying for goods or services “here and now”, etc.
  • Improving the company's logistics. Logistics is a universal system for improving and speeding up business operations. By integrating modern technologies into it and reflecting indicators for administrators in the application, the entrepreneur improves his business. Since this makes it possible to quickly respond to various situations, and also improves business planning, removing the need for the personal presence of the manager at logistics facilities (warehouses, transport expeditions, etc.)
  • Business advertising. By placing ads inside the mobile app and adding the ability to go to the company's website, the business expands its audience and increases the likelihood of buying
  • Brand development. Our own mobile application allows businesses to develop their brand and develop in the market
  • Additional earnings. The application, if the business is successful, can attract a large audience of users. In turn, this can bring additional income in the form of advertising integrations, partnership cooperation, etc.

2. Mobile app quality

Customers are always concerned about the quality of the mobile app. To expect a high-quality project from the development team, the Exceed Team has written a detailed article for you: “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”.
Here, we will tell you more details about questions: "Who is better to turn to for the development of a mobile application: software development companies or freelancers?”
Software development companies. These are specialized firms that recruit programmers based on their experience, skills and efficiency. By choosing this option, the person who wants to create a mobile application will be offered a team that is able to meet all the wishes of the client (since often the team is formed specifically for a custom application to achieve maximum efficiency).
At the same time, the company will provide data on the team's experience in the applications they have already created. This will provide an opportunity to study the quality of work on existing examples. This type of collaboration fits the definition of a dedicated team, because by taking on your project, the company is committed to:
  • Create an application within the time limit set by the agreement
  • Don’t distribute the unique idea of your application on the Internet
  • Provide you with a high-quality mobile application
  • Perform transparent work and report on the current state of readiness of the project at the request of the client
Other features of working with a company that develops a web application are the country, where the company is located. More information about this will be found in our article.
Freelancers. These are programmers, who work remotely and most often alone. A freelance programmer is suitable for creating an application or a separate function of an application only if they are experienced.
Most of the freelancers prefer to take a job without a formal contract, which carries its own risks for the client. The most common risks in working with freelancers without a contract:
  • Embellishing your real skills and abilities
  • Violation of the deadline for the delivery of the application
  • The risk of the freelancer's communication with the customer disappearing and stopping, if the application has problems when working after the project is completed
  • No step-by-step verification of the application
Of course, interaction with freelancers doesn't always bring problems. However, it should be understood that freelancers work for themselves and often alone. That is, if you want a well-developed application with more functionality, a freelance programmer needs to spend more time developing it.
At the same time, in the development teams of companies, each team member can take on certain stages of application development. This reduces the time to create a project.
In the article “All You Need to Know to Hire Dedicated Web Developers”., we described in detail how to choose a team of developers, how much it costs and what stages of work the project creation consists of.
The Exceed Team guarantees its customers quality and can help you to develop mobile applications for:
  • iOS
  • Android
Also, our company specializes in creating cross-platform applications.
Cross-platform applications are the ability of software to work and adapt to the desired format.
If you already have a website, you can use it to order a cross-platform application. Then the appearance of the site will be transferred to the applications and you will get the most detailed statistics by your audience.
If you have any questions, please contact us. The Exceed Team will answer any questions you may have and help you to find the perfect solution for your mobile and web development needs.

3. Advertising company

The advertising company for your mobile application is largely based on the initial business idea and the differences from competitors. It is most logical to advertise form applications using the Internet:
  • Social network
  • Various web and other applications that are not direct competitors
Best social networks are suitable for advertising:
  • Facebook. A popular global social network that easily integrates with various applications and connects more than 2 billion users
  • YouTube. A popular video messenger that is viewed by 1.9 billion people every day
  • Instagram. A social network that is visited by 1 billion people a day. Thanks to its visual style, it is a place of concentration of users. Launching an ad on Instagram can attract people from all over the world to your company
  • Tik Tok. A popular social network that produces short videos. At first sight, Tik Tok looks like a place of gathering young people for entertainment. However, Tik Tok has 500 million users, including many people of different ages
  • Twitter. A social network with short texts that has attracted 335 million people over the years. The advertising is well organized and has a large look
The content and appearance of your ads is also based on the design of your app.

What does the Exceed Team offer?

During the writing of this article, the Exceed Team tried to tell you as openly as possible what are the advantages of having your own mobile app and what you need to know before you decide to create it.
We mentioned that we guarantee the quality of the created applications to our customers, and we can also develop cross-platform applications.
You can learn about our experience in the field of application development by going to the main page of our website, where we tell you in detail about each project that we have created.
By trusting us to create your application you get:
  • Fully ready mobile app
  • Guaranteed test of the application, so that you can be sure of the quality of its development
  • A cross-platform application that will increase the reach of your audience and improve the quality of statistical data
  • Guarantee that the unique idea of your application will be preserved and can not be copied by third parties
  • Project transparency. You can ask at any stage to find out about the current work on your application. Our team will answer you and tell you what else is left to do

Let's discuss your idea

Perhaps it is your idea of a mobile application that will make the sphere of evolution in the world of mobile applications, giving customers a new level of comfort and reliability.
If you want to create a mobile application and consult on this issue - write to us.
The Exceed Team will advise you and select the ideal solutions for the development of your application, which will fully satisfy all your ideas.
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