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Major projects requiring Ruby on Rails remote developers

Ruby on Rails, or RoR, is an extremely popular framework. It’s a choice made by over 380,000 websites, including the various industries’ leaders like:
There are good reasons for this popularity as RoR makes it possible to reduce the time spent on each project while increasing the end-product quality.
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Why developers love Ruby on Rails ?

The top-5 countries where developers are highly skilled in Ruby on Rails are the United States, India, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Why do specialists prefer this framework?
  • Perfect timesaver. It enables fast and efficient coding, simplifies repetitive tasks, and helps developers stay focused on methods and logic. “Gems” allow adding ready-made features, saving plenty of effort. When you hire Ruby on Rails developers, project completion time shortens up to 25-50%.
  • Excellent task performance. Ruby on Rails is an object-oriented, interpreted high-level language that has dynamic typing. These characteristics make all development processes smoother, and developers need just a few lines of code to complete any task.
  • High-quality code. You can use a built-in tool to check your projects for bugs. Ruby on Rails contains lots of methods to keep the code short, clean, and readable.
  • Effective use of databases. If developers are familiar with Ruby on Rails, they need only one command to create and operate databases.
  • Secure development. The framework includes default protective tools. Even without additional code, your Ruby on Rails project is safe from hacking attacks, viruses, and other threats.
  • Easy to learn and use. The syntax of the Ruby language makes it perfectly understandable for beginners. There is also a vast community of experienced middle and senior developers you can hire for any project.
  • Cost-efficiency. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework with MIT License, which means you can use it for free.
RubyGems is a package manager giving access to “gems” – huge libraries and other tools. Ruby on Rails developers can apply multiple add-ons, functions, and other elements from extensive and constantly growing sources. Let’s discover some examples.
  1. Administrate – for creating and customizing admin panels; popular because of its easiness for users (e.g., website owners) without a technical background.
  2. Money-Rails – for E-commerce solutions; enables to create monetary values, additional entry fields, and money class.
  3. MetaTags – for SEO management, as the name suggests.
  4. Draper – for object-oriented programming; helps monitor and improve each object’s behavior.
  5. Dotenv – for safe loading environment variables to protect private data, e.g., passwords.
  6. ElasticSearch – for adding search, indexing catalogs and prices, storing transactions, and collecting statistics.
  7. Sidekiq – for storing, monitoring, and managing background jobs.
  8. Fog – for uploading and storing files via cloud services.
  9. Unicorn – for deploying.
  10. Active Merchant – for integrating payments.
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What best Ruby on Rails developers should know

Hiring Ruby on Rails developers isn’t an easy process – you have to test their skills thoroughly in relevant languages, tools, and technologies.
The most important skills include:
  • in-depth knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails;
  • additional familiarity with GraphQL, ES6;
  • effective coding skills;
  • excellent understanding of object-oriented development;
  • broad experience with libraries;
  • good knowledge of cloud software like AWS and Azure;
  • experience with technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB;
  • knowledge of ElasticSearch or similar technologies;
  • skills to work with big data;
  • perfect understanding of content management systems and e-commerce tools;
  • bug-searching and problem solving;
  • testing products for responsiveness, security, and performance;
  • familiarity with IT trends and design principles for the particular industry.
Qualified specialists should have experience not only with Ruby but also with JS, HTML, SCSS, Python, C, and other programming languages. It’s suitable for a Ruby on Rails developer to confidently use Asana, Git, and JIRA.
The best practices for Ruby on Rails developers include:
1. Knowing how to prevent SQL injection. For example, by using single parameters:
User.where(email: email)
User.where("email = ?", email)
User.where("email = :email", email: emai
2. Having a strategy on how to implement enums. For example, defining them like this: Enum status: { pending: 0, overdue: 1, paid: 2 }
3. Coding with the DRY principle and the Fat Model, Skinny Controller. For example:
# Post model
scope :unpublished, ->(timestamp = Time.now) { where('published_at IS NULL OR published_at > ?', timestamp) } 

# Any controller
def index
    @unpublished_posts = Post.unpublished

def others
    @unpublished_posts = Post.unpublished
4. Writing conditional statements with ‘Unless’. This practice is much more advanced than ‘If’ because it helps keep your code readable and saves you much time in the future.
5. Using a ‘?’ to define predicate methods, e.g., with the ‘invoice’ class when you should name the method ‘paid?’. This practice improves your code readability.

Top interview questions for Ruby on Rails developers

At an interview for a job, you can ask a wide variety of questions to test a Ruby on Rails developer’s knowledge and skills required for your project.
1. Ask a developer about Ruby. We believe that it’s a must to be proficient in the programming language on which Ruby on Rails is written. You can ask several Ruby questions, for instance:
  • What is an object in Ruby?
  • Explain the difference between a module and a class.
  • How would you use callbacks in Ruby?
  • What are a getter and a setter? How would you use these two methods in Ruby?
2. Ask a developer about Ruby on Rails. Here are some possible questions you can ask to find out if your interviewee understands the primary tool for developing your product.
  • What is a “gem” in Ruby on Rails? Is it true that Rails itself is a gem?
  • What are engines for in Rails?
  • When and how would you use ActiveJob?
  • Explain the difference between CSS Injection and SQL Injection.
  • Describe how you would test routes in RoR.
  • What is Active Record?
  • Name the tools you usually use for writing unit tests.
3. Ask a Ruby on Rails developer about code refactoring. It will help you ensure that your candidate knows how to revise the written code and make it cleaner.
  • What tools do you prefer to identify code smells and to search for bugs?
  • What are the Policy Objects? How do we use them?

What you should know to hire Ruby on Rails developers

Developers soft skills review

Before you hire Ruby on Rails developers, you need to consider the specific personality traits that will enable productive work on your project. The best way is to outsource developers who already:
  • have excellent skills in time-management;
  • are able to keep good teamwork and effectively communicate with you;
  • can work independently as well;
  • use principles of agile development;
  • have a desire for improvement and updating their knowledge;
  • can think critically, find and solve problems;
  • are creative and open-minded;
  • have a fair amount of patience and self-confidence;
  • are reliable.

Developers technical Ruby on Rails skills review

Technical or hard skills of a developer are essential for performing the required tasks. Make sure to hire senior Ruby on Rails developers who have at least 3-4 years of experience with relevant languages, tools, and technologies.
Senior and middle Ruby on Rails developers should know how to:
  • write effective code in Ruby;
  • review junior developers’ code, fix bugs;
  • create back-end components for apps and websites;
  • work with gems and plugins;
  • integrate data storage;
  • test applications and make automated scripts;
  • improve and maintain deployed products;
  • coordinate teamwork.
Ruby on Rails specialists at Exceed Team possess all these hard skills, and so must developers that you hire.

What's the hiring Ruby on Rails developers workflow

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How much does it cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers?

Your project scope

Large-scale projects require more time than simple ones – consider that when you hire Ruby on Rails developers. Also, make a list of your requirements, describing them in detail. The more precise information you give, the more accurate estimated price you get.

Ruby on Rails developers experience

According to your project’s complexity, hire middle or senior Ruby on Rails developers. These are professionals with over three years of experience. A proficient developer performs better – and costs you more money. However, you can hire a junior with a set of necessary skills for a simple one-page project.

Location of the hired Ruby on Rails developers

Budget-saving is possible when you hire developers from certain regions of the world, for example, Eastern Europe. You should pay attention to timezones, spoken languages, and the teamwork skills of your candidates. Advice: hire Ruby on Rails developers from outsourcing companies.

Ways to hire Ruby on Rails developers

Hourly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Monthly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
(168 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Part time hiring
Duration: 4 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project

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