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Why developers love React Native ?

React Native has been named a breakthrough in the development of app cross-platform. Specialists consider it to have one of the highest rates of creating a great user experience. It’s very enticing to have a code repository that can be shared between platforms and reusable components. A developer using React Native gets a native look and feel of an app for both iOS and Android, including platform-specific modules. Hire developers with JavaScript or particularly React experience; they may quickly learn React Native and start working on it immediately. For this and many other reasons, developers love React Native. Let’s consider them more thoroughly.
  1. Simple And Easy to Work with. As we said, React Native facilitates developer’s work due to meaningful error messages, time-saving and robust tools.
  2. Contains Changes Preview. “Command+R” is used to refresh the changes. A developer doesn’t have to rebuild an app over and over again to see its modifications. It can save a great deal of time and makes things fast and effective.
  3. Intelligent tools for debugging and mechanisms to report errors. Developers appreciate it because it helps to concentrate more on the productive component.
  4. Reusability of code. 90% of the native framework can be easily integrated and reused for any platform. Moreover, one can use the React web app code also for mobile apps. While building two apps, it helps to reduce both time and money.
  5. Simple debug function. Flipper tool is used by default.
  6. Pre-developed components. This feature can speed up your work through multiple open-source libraries.
  7. Can also use third-party plugins. Native modules are connected through the framework to the plugin. It means that a developer doesn’t need specific web view functions, and processing doesn’t require extra memory.
  8. Live reloading function. This feature allows to compile and read the file from where the developer made the changes. After that, the stimulator finds another new file to read it from the beginning automatically.
  9. UI design. The interface created by React Native is exceptionally responsive and flexible.
  10. Great community. React Native developers’ community is vast. They explore and contribute to this framework almost every day.
If you want to benefit from all these features, you should hire a React Native developer.
The React Native framework is very similar to React in the sense of encouraging a developer to create user interfaces using isolated components. Sets of such components provide hired React Native developers with ready-made modules, the use of which helps to save time and speed up work processes.


It’s a cross-platform set of UI components for React Native. NativeBase's serious popularity is demonstrated by the fact that on GitHub, this project has gained about 14 thousand stars after its launching and also that it has about a thousand forks. You can use native third-party libraries without additional effort when using NativeBase. A vast ecosystem has developed around NativeBase, with a lot of useful things from basic project-building tools to theme-building tools that serve to customize external views of NativeBase components.

React Native Elements

Completely built with JavaScript, the components in this suite are highly customizable. The authors of the set state that the most important thing in React Native Elements is the structure of the components and not their design. This means that you need quite a bit of template code for the certain component settings and its preparation to work. This approach to components can draw the attention of React Native developers, from beginners to experienced.

Shoutem UI Toolkit

The Shoutem Interface Development Toolkit consists of three parts: these are the user interface components, themes, and component animations. Shoutem provides developers with a set of cross-platform components designed for iOS and Android. All components are created to be shared. Each component also has a standard style that matches the style of other components. When you hire React Native developers, they'll create complex components without setting up style systems manually.

UI Kitten

The UI Kitten provides the developer with React Native components that are highly adjustable and reusable. The UI Kitten based on the idea of moving the styles in a certain place, it helps to re-use components and facilitates adjustment of their look.

React Native Material Kit

React Native Material Kit offers the developer a collection of simple and user-friendly UI components and themes that implement Google's Material Design concept. Why is this set of components worthy of attention? It's all about its simplicity, and it’s not extra stuffed with things that create information "noise". However, due to the fact that this library is not actively supported, it should be used with caution.

Nachos UI

Nachos UI supports prettier, yarn, and jest testing. This pleasant, high quality written library, gives all interestingly designed components and the global manager at the disposal.
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Top interview questions for React Native developers

Here's the list of competencies you might see in React Native developer's CV:
  • Current JavaScript standards: ECMAScript2015 (aka ES6), ECMAScript2019 (aka ES10)
  • An extended set of JavaScript and Typescript
  • React Native Libraries: React-Router, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, GraphQL
  • Package managers: NMP, Yarn
  • JavaScript extensions: JSX
  • Tools to help maintain code style: ESLint, TSLint, Prettier
If you found most of these paragraphs in the CV of a developer you want to hire, you can arrange the interview. We prepared questions about React Native developer's working experience and skills for you to understand if he worth working with.
Questions about the React Native developer experience Could you describe the applications you have worked on in the past? What was the role of React Native in these apps?
Why did you and your team decide to use React Native? What was your main selling point? How did it help in the apps you worked on?
Questions about the knowledge and opinions of React Native developers What components can be used in React Native? What is the difference between them?
How can you reuse code in the application? What methods do you know to share common logic?
Have you ever run into performance issues with your application? What did you use to diagnose them? How did you solve them?
How about tests? Have you used them? How did they help your team? What tests have you used?
Why do we use StyleSheet.create? What tradeoffs to this method do you know?
Do you think that the compile-to-JS libraries such as TypeScript or ClojureScript are consistent with React Native? Explain your opinion.
Soft skills questions What was the biggest achievement of your career? What was your biggest mistake? What steps will you take to repeat success or avoid repeating failure?
How would you handle a situation where your project has a deadline for tomorrow, but there are still some features that need to be implemented?
What resources would you recommend to a junior developer that allow him to improve their skills? Would you like to mentor such a developer? Have you done this before?

What you should know to hire React Native developers

Developers soft skills review

It may seem unobvious, but for hiring a good React Native developer, you should know the list of skills that are not related to development or testing but are necessary for successful teamwork.

Empathy and communication skills

It may be challenging to understand people’s ways, mainly if their code is not easy to understand or if you have to write it from the ground up. You should hire a React Native developer who knows how to connect with people and solve problems, he can be a valuable member of a team.

Critical thinking

A person with developed critical thinking actually has a whole set of skills - this is observation and the ability to substantiate their point of view, focus on the study of information, and apply analytical skills in a variety of situations.


In the development domain, things change very quickly. So React Native developers that you hire should be open to new information and able to change the way of working.

Enthusiasm to learn

Learning is an endless process. There are always skills that a React Native developer should improve. The community is growing, people invent things. Even experienced developers seek their colleagues' advice.

Thinking big

Writing a code, many developers don’t bother about what good it can do. So the ability to concentrate not only on the development part but also on business goals can help create a useful product.

Developers technical React Native skills review

Here’s a list of tech skills that every React Native developer should have for you to hire him. You may use it for the interview preparations.

Strong knowledge of JavaScript

Interior knowledge of JavaScript is essential to creating the application’s entire logic as well as building components, services, and understanding their flow.

Basics of Native iOS and Android development

Besides knowing React Native, a developer should have the foundation of other languages and frameworks as Swift, Objective-C, KotlinJava, etc. Sometimes React Native developers use native side tools.

Understanding React concepts

Consider the ability to use concepts as JSX, Virtual DOM, the component lifecycle which is necessary for a React Native developer.

Experience with React Native tools and technologies

Make sure that the React Native developer you’re going to hire use such tools as React Native Testing Library, App Center, Sentry, Bitrise, Redux, ESLint, Jest.

Skill to maintain the code in order

The style of writing the code can make the process of development and support the app much easier. Clear, readable, and scalable code always has a positive influence on the result.

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