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Major projects requiring Node js remote developers

Node.js is a runtime environment written in JavaScript. Since its release in 2009, many companies and startups have adopted it, including big names like Microsoft, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, IBM, PayPal, AWS, Netflix, Walmart, Groupon, Trello, and many more. Let’s discover some examples.
  • Netflix experienced significantly reduced startup time. They applied Node.js to developing the back-end side as their team was already using JavaScript in the front-end. As a result, the initial 40 min startup time has decreased to less than 1 min.
  • Trello used Node.js to build the back-end so that the app could quickly spread updates.
  • PayPal switched to Node.js in 2013, and soon the number of requests operated per second increased twice. Developers achieved it by speeding up the page response.
  • LinkedIn has its mobile software stack developed with Node.js, connecting a mobile app to their platform’s API and database. It ensured the smoothest work, which is crucial for LinkedIn, considering that over 60% of users rely on a mobile application.
  • Yahoo first adopted Node.js in 2009, starting with simple back-end tasks and then using it for the whole front-end development.
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Why developers love Node js ?

Almost 50% of developers prefer Node.js for their work, according to the 2018 survey by StackOverflow. It’s still quite relevant for today. Even the extremely popular Angular becomes the second choice. What made Node.js so much valued and versatile?
  1. Node.js is a platform for writing JavaScript programs to run on a server instead of a browser. This server environment handles an unlimited number of requests because it’s event-driven, asynchronous, and non-blocking.
  2. Node.js is really fast, thanks to JavaScript and V8 engine.
  3. It speeds up development processes and allows launching efficient MVPs to easily attract first users.
  4. Node.js is perfect for prototyping, code reuse, and scaling up any product.
  5. Node.js has the strongest support both from the developers’ community and international brands.
Node.js developers also love the versatility of this platform. It allows building any type of mobile or web application, for example:
  • microservice;
  • streaming platform;
  • chat app;
  • IoT;
  • collaboration tool.
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What best Node js developers should know

Excellent-skilled developers have an in-depth understanding of work processes, tools, and technologies related to Node.js development. Let’s make a list of the most required skills:
  • perfect knowledge of Node.js and popular development tools (broccoli, npm, gulp, brunch, grunt, and others);
  • understanding of related frameworks (Express, Strong Loop) and languages (HTML CSS, Jade, EJS, etc.);
  • additional experience with Angular, jQuery, and PHP;
  • experience with server-side CSS preprocessors (Stylus);
  • experience with databases and MongoDB;
  • in-depth understanding of asynchronous programming;
  • hands-on experience in semantic versioning, code versioning, databases, and data integration;
  • understanding microservices architecture;
  • experience with executing unit tests via automated testing platforms.
Best practices for Node.js developers include:
  1. Observing project structure to keep the code clean and prevent errors.
  2. Always starting a new project with npm init to enable adding more metadata.
  3. Applying environment variablesto effectively use process.env.
  4. Avoiding synchronous functions to prevent blocking other codes.
  5. Using Use Gzip compressionto reduce time lags.
  6. Using dockers to make deployment more secure.
  7. Testing the written code.
  8. Using a .catch() handler to spot errors.
  9. Using the existing guidelinesand following them while coding.
  10. Learning best practices of JavaScript.

Top interview questions for Node js developers

You can hire junior, middle, or senior Node.js developers, depending on your needs. You can hire junior, middle, or senior Node.js developers, depending on your needs. If you don’t have the relevant knowledge, consider inviting a technical specialist to assist you at the interview.
Junior is a developer who has under three years of experience with this runtime environment. You can ask the most basic questions just to make sure a candidate understands the main principles and can use the related frameworks.
  • Explain the relation between JavaScript and Node.js.
  • Where can we use Node.js?
  • What is event-driven programming?
  • What is an ‘Event loop’? Explain how it works.
  • What is Express.js? What can we use it for?
To hire a middle Node.js developer, you need to make sure they’re experienced enough for your tasks. Ask them more specific Node.js questions.
  • What are error-first callbacks in Node? What do we use them for?
  • Explain the functions of middleware.
  • What would you use ‘module.exports’ for in Node?
  • How do we execute the control flow function?
  • What is Event Emitter in Node?
  • What tools do we have for debugging in Node?
If you want to hire senior Node.js developers, we suggest asking the more difficult questions.
  • Explain the difference between Node and Ajax.
  • List the exit codes we use in Node.
  • Name four features from the Timers module.
  • What cryptographic functionalities do you use?
  • Explain the difference between the two methods: spawn() and fork().
  • Explain the difference between the two functions: process.nextTick() and setImmediate().
  • Explain why we keep ‘app’ and ‘server’ separate in Express.

What you should know to hire Node js developers

Developers soft skills review

Are you looking for efficient ways to hire Node.js developers? Consider picking up specialists with specific personalities. Our experience proves that outsourced developers show the best results in teamwork, reliability, and productivity.
  1. Node.js developers should be great at time-management.
  2. They are team players with good communication skills.
  3. They can work independently.
  4. They understand what agile development is.
  5. Developers never miss a chance to improve themselves in terms of skills and knowledge.
  6. They are critical-thinkers and solution-finders.
  7. Developers should be open-minded and creative.
  8. They are self-confident and patient.
  9. They are reliable and able to achieve deadlines.

Developers technical Node js skills review

Junior Node.js developers have to write in JavaScript and understand the main principles of:
  • asynchronous programming;
  • Event Loop;
  • Express.js;
  • databases.
Middle and senior Node.js developers share almost the same expertise. The difference is in the leadership of a senior developer who manages all work stages and controls the team’s compliance with deadlines. Experienced Node.js developers should be able to:
  • write clean code using the principles of object-oriented programming and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself);
  • find and fix bugs;
  • apply security features with Node.js;
  • integrate payment systems and other 3rd party services;
  • work with databases using MongoDB or other technology;
  • provide performance tuning;
  • keep in touch with technologies and make decisions on what’s best to apply.

What's the hiring Node js developers workflow

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How much does it cost to hire Node js developers?

Your project scope

When you searching for Node.js developers, the first step is to estimate how big and complex your project is. This helps understand the number of developers you should hire. Next, list your requirements for the future project; describe exactly what you want. This information allows Node.js developers to roughly estimate the price of building the required features.

Node js developers experience

You can choose to hire junior, middle, or senior Node.js developers. If your project is simple (e.g., a landing page), a developer with 1-2 years of experience would be just enough. However, for sophisticated apps and websites, you should hire proficient Node.js developers who have worked minimum 3 years with this runtime environment, can write in JavaScript, and know the related technologies.

Location of the hired Node js developers

If you looking for cost-efficiency options, we suggest hiring Node.js developers from Eastern European countries. There you will find many gifted developers. Just make sure they work in your timezone, speak fluent English, and have decent teamwork skills. All of this is guaranteed when you hire Node.js developers from a trustworthy outsourcing company.

Ways to hire Node js developers

Hourly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Monthly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
(168 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Part time hiring
Duration: 4 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project

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