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Why developers love MEAN stack?

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js. It’s a collection of advanced technologies for web app development. Everything in this stack is written in JavaScript.
  • MongoDB is a database management system that works excellent with NoSQL technologies.
  • Express.js is a framework for back end web applications.
  • Angular.js is a popular framework that works best for single-page applications.
  • Node.js is a server platform for working with the V8 engine, JavaScript, and external libraries to develop fully-functioning web applications.
The reason why MEAN stack is one of the popular technologies today is that it provides a convenient interface to develop any kind of application or website. What are other benefits for companies and users?
  1. Cost-effectiveness – you bring down expenses as your developers use MEAN stack open source technologies for free. It’s also possible to reduce the cost of disk space by using cloud functionality.
  2. Versatility and flexibility – thanks to MongoDB, it’s easy to test completed apps on cloud platforms or add information by simply creating additional fields. Developers also love isomorphic coding in MEAN that allows transferring code between frameworks.
  3. High speed and excellent maintenance – thanks to Angular.js, you can get the highest testability of any web application. MEAN stack also provides non-blocking architecture and an easy switch between a server and a client.
If you want to make use of all these advantages, hire MEAN stack developers proficient in JavaScript and JSON. A single language provides higher efficiency and easier maintenance of your product.
Libraries provide all the helpful functionality to perform the most common tasks that MEAN stack developers face while programming.
  1. React.js – an open-source JavaScript library for front end developers. Facebook and other famous companies use it successfully to build user interfaces and UI components.
  2. Underscore.js – one of the most popular libraries supporting JavaScript array methods like map, filter, reduce, and so on.
  3. Redux – primarily focused on updating all indicators, this library is great for maintaining the relevance of any visual information, e.g. form input, buttons, time-out, returning to a general view, and more.
  4. Lodash – this MEAN stack library works very fast and helps simplify adding and editing of objects, arrangements, etc.
  5. Vue.js – an excellent library for developing user interfaces and single-page apps.
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What best MEAN stack developers should know

Hiring MEAN stack developers is a complex process that includes a skill test for various technologies, languages, and frameworks. A senior developer participates in and controls all stages of high-performance apps’ development.
What MEAN stack developers do:
  • develop innovative, flexible, secure, and robust web solutions;
  • design, apply, and test apps’ features;
  • write stable and reusable code;
  • create interactive and easy-to-use apps;
  • work with other developers, business analysts, and designers.
This specialist should be an expert in MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node.js. MEAN stack developers should also be skilled with Java, Javascript, SQL, JQuery, JSON, HTML, and CSS.
Other knowledge:
  • deployment processes;
  • analysis and debugging;
  • common web apps’ vulnerabilities;
  • browser “hotspots” and workarounds;
  • design standards in the specific industry.
Additional requirements for MEAN stack developers include experience with:
  • Bootstrap;
  • Azure Cloud Storage APIs;
  • Drupal CMS;
  • databases like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Couchbase, Cassandra, etc.

What you should know to hire MEAN stack developers

Developers soft skills review

When you hire MEAN stack developers please pay no less attention to their personal characteristics than to technical knowledge and skills. A successful developer has a specific personality that helps keep up an excellent performance.
  • Teamwork and social skills
  • Trainability and desire for knowledge
  • Time managing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Adaptability and an open mind
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Self-confidence and independence
  • Accountability

Developers technical MEAN stack skills review

A great MEAN stack developer should possess various technologies and skills. When you interview MEAN stack developers to hire a specialist for a particular job, use any opportunity to test their skills. Let’s list the most important ones.
  • Good knowledge of all MEAN stack technologies – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js
  • At least 3-4 years of experience with those technologies for middle and senior MEAN stack developers
  • Knowledge of related technologies – JavaScript, Backbone, React, CreateJS, Bootstrap, HTML5
  • Experience in algorithms, data-structures, defining web apps architecture, and problem-solving
  • Good knowledge of front-end and back-end processes

What's the hiring MEAN stack developers workflow

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How much does it cost to hire MEAN stack developers?

Your project scope

How big and complex is your project? Make a list of all your requirements and goals. How fast are you planning to achieve them? Consider the main deadlines. It will help you define how many MEAN stack developers to hire. Innovative, sophisticated apps take more time and expense than simple ones. Give an accurate and detailed description of your requirements so that developers could provide estimated time and cost.

MEAN stack developers experience

You can hire junior, middle, and senior MEAN stack developers for your project. Choose the level according to your needs – e.g., junior and middle developers for a small and low-budget app. Suppose your project needs innovative solutions and the most advanced technologies. In that case, you should hire a senior MEAN stack developer with relevant technical skills and experience in developing web apps in your industry.

Location of the hired MEAN stack developers

Picking up a wise recruitment strategy is an excellent opportunity for money saving. According to Codementor statistics, the most expensive development is in the USA, Australia, and Western Europe; the most cost-effective offers you’ll find in India, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe. Advice: hire MEAN stack developers from outsourcing firms; it helps save on hidden costs like remote team management or a language barrier.

Ways to hire MEAN stack developers

Hourly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Monthly hiring
Duration: 8 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week
(168 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project
Part time hiring
Duration: 4 Hrs/Day
5 Days/Week(80 Hrs/ Month)
Billing: Monthly
Timeline: Based on Project

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