Feature #1. UI/UX why it's important

Usability is how convenient an grocery app is to use. If your grocery application is difficult to use - potential users will not make orders via it. Your grocery delivering app should have clear and intuitive navigation to catalogs, filters and easy to search desired product
Users will not spend time to understand the logic of your site. They will simply go to competitors who have a simpler app

Feature #2. Easy registration and login

Login process has to be as much user-friendly as possible.Social network registration has to be a must have required grocery delivery app feature.Also last registration trend is to provide phone only availble login via a temporary validation code.

Feature #3. AI for product recommendations

The recommendation section is a very important part of your grocery delivery app! Correctly composed recommendations make it possible to sell more by increasing the average check by displaying related products. It's not just about showing the right recommendations that will help increase conversions based on the history of user behavior on the site, his personal data and the history of his previous orders

Feature #4. Push notifications

Testing push notifications with a logo and a large visual image showed that rich notifications (logo + large visual) increase CTR by 30%. Adding one or two buttons with short CTA also gives an additional 5% increase in CTR. Embedding personalized data, such as their name, location, and so on, helps create a connection with the user and increase conversions of your grocery delivering app.
In the advanced search products in grocery delivery app, we offer to show not only the most popular products but also products with highest profitability to keep users and increase profitability.
if your database will growing for faster searching we recommend implementing data caching and integration with elastic search

Feature #6. Fast and secure payment integration

One of the essential aspects of the fast and stable app ppayment system is that the customer spends quite a while searching items and choosing what he wants.
A fast checkout with a safe payment option is a customer everybody needs today.
With different payment methods such as wallet, credit card, paypal, etc to allow users to pick and pay according to convenience.

Feature #7. Save for later order

Keeping products in favorites is a very convenient option and, if properly implemented, helps to raise the average check by 3-5%. It works especially effectively in combination with competent recommendations in your app. When the user is offered products that he is ready to buy but which he may have forgotten

Feature #1. Most valuable KPIs

The key to a successful business (and especially online apps) is the measurement of important data - these are buyer's funnels and customer conversions. Based on the specifics of your desired grocery features, the app funnels may differ, they need to be worked out separately, but in general, this is the achievement of successful patterns of user behavior in the application, the size of the order, the number of repeated orders, the success of marketing policies, etc.
To improve something in your app need to measure it first

Feature #2. Product customization, synchronization with accounting systems

Automatic saving the grocery orders from your app in the accounting system allows you to save a lot of time and human resources, also the advantage is the ability to scale without additional costs and minimize errors (this part of the application must be covered by unit tests, like the application payment system)

Feature #3. Important data archiving and dumping

All important app information should be preserved and archived. It is optimal to auto-dumping a couple of times each day and store daily for the last week and monthly throughout the year.

Feature #1. Responsive template

Responsive web design - design of web pages that ensures the correct display of the site on all different devices, and dynamically adjusts to the specified size of the browser window. The main advantage is improved grocery delivery app user experince and increased trust in the application and the product in general

Feature #2. Optimise all pages for google CEO

Create organic traffic is a difficult but very important part of your grocery delivering app! Your pages must meet certain Google requirements. The main ways of optimization are optimization of the site load speed, semantics and the correct frequency of using keywords on your page, site load time, optimized and modern image formats, optimal data caching (recommended optimal values for all file types), correct search engine files, etc.

Feature #3. CDN static data

A content delivery network, or content distribution network (CDN), is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users. Benefits of using CDN for grocery delivery app
  1. Storage and Security
  2. Lower Network Latency and packet loss
  3. Higher Availability and better grocery usage app analytics
  4. Segmenting your grocery audience becomes easy
  5. Your Server Load will decrease
  6. Content Delivery will become faster

Feature #1. Real time geo location checking

This is not a must have required app feature, but a nice option to have. That makes possible to track in real time the location of the order and how long the courier will deliver it!With financial limitations make sense consider coming up without that feature in your grocery delivery app MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Feature #2. Admin chat

For your courier`s grocery delivery app, this is super important functionality. In the event of an unexpected pause in shipping packages or other similar difficulties, app owners or consumers can quickly contact to resolve. This app feature will greatly boost the morale level, and you will have a dedicated customer base.

Feature #3. Payment options. QR

How does the app feature work
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