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Aug 24 2020
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It is a lot of work to manage a gym productively and keep all business operations in order. Even if you have some kind of access management system, how could you be sure you use it for 100% of its functions? Does it have sufficient features to cover all the needs of your company? In this article, you’ll discover how gym CRM software impacts your business goals on all levels.
Gym Customer Relationships Management (CRM) software is considered to be a compound solution for managing customer loyalty and retention, controlling employees' actions and facilities, optimizing sales departments and sales funnels, etc. CRM shows its greatest value in customer relationship improvement and helps to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
How a gym crm system can boost your health club to new ground


With gym CRM dashboards you’ll get access to sales, trainer, and customer activity data with no more than three clicks. Even if you have to manage a whole chain of gyms, a CRM dashboard can handle this need. The AI&Business Intelligence module enables you to analyze, store and interpret a large amount of data received from different sources.
Control the workload of your gym by managing schedules. You can assign members to appropriate trainers or let customers book for chosen classes by themselves. Here you can also check each trainer’s working hours and salary information. Get more details about your members — view attendance reports, member measurements, and wellness reports as well as membership terms and payment history.
CRM overall reports will provide you with expenses and revenue analytics, management issue notifications, and maintenance reposts. It gives you a bigger picture of your business matters.
1 centralize gym management


Modern customers are the ones who dictate rules and expect us to meet their needs on their own terms. Customer service becomes the most competitive advantage. Excellent customer service should be personalized and quick. That’s where a CRM for gym businesses taps into the game.
How a CRM for gym memberships allows you to raise clients’ satisfaction:
2 develop a personal approach to each client


All leads inside the gym CRM systems are scored by purchase readiness and brand loyalty.
Within gym CRM software your sales managers will be supported with well-organized, updated after every interaction in member profiles, which makes the whole business-customer communication consistent.
Your sales managers will see all related data: status, source, and time and date the lead was logged in the system. This helps them to find a more individual approach during the following contact with the prospect.
Consistent communication with direct appropriate messages guides those leads through sales funnel step-by-step until conversion. This communication can be combined with customer’s live conversations with managers and automated follow-up campaigns set in the gym CRM system.
3 boost sales process


A Gym membership CRM will help you to get more from your online marketing campaigns: 1. Spare you the guessing on your perfect target audience. You and your sales team may have an understanding of your average customer persona, but is this enough to generate more conversions? A CRM system gives you a broader perspective on your target audiences by demographic analysis of all data the sales have gathered. 2. Optimize, scale, and analyze your referral program. CRM also enables you to boost your online referral campaign by sending automated notifications and tracking every interaction with referral links. 3. Track and analyze the effectiveness of every marketing channel. By integrating your user portal, CRM system, and Google Analytics under gym management software you will be able to track and analyze what marketing channel brings the bests prospects.
Need some insights on how to sell more gym memberships? Check our guide here to learn about several proven tactics.
4 acquire new customers


Despite the fact that a CRM system is your client center, workflow for reaching existing members will be different from the first sale to a prospect.
Ask for feedback for special classes or facilities to get more insights on the ongoing customer experience and to figure out if all expectations are met.
Create and send personalized offers for extra-classes that suit their interests. Consider recovering procedures to win more points in terms of customer care. Create segmented categories of members and reach them with motivational notifications automatically, relying on the right moment calculated by your gym CRM system.


As you see, CRM supports and empowers opportunities for three business pillars at once: general gym management, sales work process, and customer relationships. The automatic data processing generates valuable business insights on audiences, messages, and the efficiency of marketing channels. What is more, it saves the cost of customer acquisition and helps you to significantly succeed in member retention.
Looking for the development of a custom gym CRM software tailored to your business needs? Exceed Team can help! Read more about our gym and fitness services here. Want to ask some questions? Contact us here, we are excited to work with you!
Most popular questions

What is CRM in the gym and fitness industry?

CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management. This is a digital system to help you manage information, optimize sales departments and sales funnels, control employees' actions and facilities, and work on customer loyalty and retention.

How can a gym CRM system help you develop a client-oriented approach?

CRM enables you to track interests, create value propositions and templated emails for instant answering, and keep a well-structured member database with secure accounting services. With mobile CRM, you’ll constantly be in touch with your customers even while away from the office or home. CRM can be integrated with third-party platforms like social media, which makes sure you'll never miss a mention or message from a client. You can measure satisfaction rates by sending short surveys to customers. And with online timelines, gym and fitness instructors can track member activity progress, encourage them, and set new tasks.

How can gym and fitness CRM bring you new customers?

First of all, a demographic analysis of the data you collect will give you a broader perspective on your target audience. Next, a wide range of CRM tools will help to optimize, scale, and analyze your referral program. Finally, you will be able to track and analyze the effectiveness of every marketing channel.
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