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Dec 30 2020
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Technologies are increasingly integrated into the work of the health care structure. This makes medicine progressive and effective treatment.
However, this poses a threat of cyberattacks to the hospital's servers. This is fraught with theft of data from medical personnel, patient histories and other important information. In most countries, information that is stored in medical institutions is prohibited from distribution.
For example, if information about the health of many patients gets on the Internet, this can attract not only drug sellers, but also dangerous people:
And many other dangerous people who can harm patients and the clinic. In order for the healthcare sector not to be afraid to introduce modern technologies into its work, it needs to ensure cybersecurity.


The cybersecurity framework builds on existing and proven guidelines and practices. Frameworks help support ready-made cybersecurity scenarios.
Frameworks are a software platform that defines the structure of software and makes it easier to develop or combine different plugins.
Like any software platform, the framework must be flexible to updates. If the clinic does not update the program it runs on, it increases the risk of a cyber attack.
Therefore, one of the key tasks of the clinic is to identify direct and potential risks.
Software hardening occurs at three different levels of the framework:
Healthcare cybersecurity framework
Many doctors in clinics around the world may not be convinced that they need a security system. This is due to the fact that software administrators are not bothered by updates. Without updates, they don't see outbreaks of suspicious activity and hacker activity until it's too late.
Recently, cases of cyber attacks on sites have increased due to the pandemic. This is because there have been an increase in orders for hackers of various levels to hack a patient's medical records in order to find out more precisely about his treatment or the causes of death. Also, small sabotage of software is carried out by people who are just trying themselves in the role of hackers. In 2020, due to a ransomware program, a hospital in the United States had to transfer a patient to another institution. But due to the fact that the time was spent on transport, the patient died, according to the news portal NBC News.
Another major cyberattack occurred in September 2020 on Universal Health Services. This company provides hospital and medical services by integrating software into their work. In September, a number of hospitals were attacked by ransomware. This led to a partial stop of the work of the institutions and their transition to the mode of recording the current treatment on sheets of paper.
These cases highlight the importance of developing a cybersecurity framework. How to start developing a framework that will suit your organization? To identify the best features, it is worth looking at software that works well.
There are other frameworks for healthcare cybersecurity. However, they have less impact on the US health care system. Knowing this data, you can understand what exactly is required from the framework and what functions are right for your company.


In order to integrate the framework into the work of the clinic, it is necessary to understand the level of threats that are potentially possible for a medical organization. These threats form a toolkit that can be integrated into the program for convenient and high-quality work.
As of 2020, the most common security threats in the medical field are:
How to integrate and use frameworks in healthcare cybersecurity system
These risks were revealed by additional framework plugins that must be on the clinic's sites to ensure cybersecurity. We will indicate them separately:
How to integrate and use frameworks in healthcare cybersecurity system 1
If you recall the information above about the 3 levels of the framework, then in combination with the listed tools of the form, the general structure is necessary for health cybersecurity.


You have a choice: use ready-made solutions or develop a framework for your individual order, which will allow you to conveniently, accessible and understandably see the state of the site and not worry about potential threats.
Exceed Team is ready to discuss your idea and answer additional questions that you might have while writing this article. You can read in our blog about how to develop applications, what the cost consists of, and what other additional features you can integrate into the site.
If you want to know the exact cost of creating your framework - write to us.. We will study your project and advise on all emerging issues.
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