Many people throughout the world drive regularly, and car services always come in handy. You can think of many ways to find qualified mechanics – vehicle repair centers, private specialists, etc. Today, the digital world is growing fast, and one of the leading trends is website and app development for auto services. There are plenty of ways to build and monetize such a piece of software.
Do you want to create your own car service app or website? Read about business models, features, technologies, and other things you should consider before discussing your idea with a team of IT professionals.
On-demand apps are so popular because they perfectly fit in users’ needs and resolve pain points. The most popular car service apps make millions of US dollars annually. Sounds impressive? Consider the many good reasons to create a car service app.
Benefits for a user:
  1. Convenience to use an app.
  2. Finding malfunctions in a car before they become critical.
  3. A wide range of services available in one app, anytime.
  4. Increase of a car’s safety, good condition, and financial value.
  5. Reasonable prices and eventual reduction of a car’s maintenance costs.
  6. Discovering new information about a car’s functioning and repair.
Benefits for a car service app’s owner:
  1. Access to new clients, particularly those who you wouldn’t find through other channels.
  2. Maximized efficiency – an app makes order approval and other processes automatic.
  3. Perfect marketing opportunities – a car service app enables you to study clients’ needs and behavior, collecting all the statistics.
  4. Sending notifications to customers and employees, providing them with necessary information.
  5. Additional advertising of your car service business, either a startup or a well-established company.
  6. Giving your clients the best user experience and keeping them engaged so they would use your app regularly.
  7. Opportunities to foster your audience’s trust.
In a nutshell – if you build a well-designed app for your car service business, it’ll help increase productivity and sales, attracting more potential clients and providing upgraded services for the existing ones.
A car service app is a management software for auto repair shops. It helps automate all procedures, reduce paperwork, and facilitate contact between clients and technicians. When you create such an app (or website), it could also work as a retail store providing customers with car parts. This is the way to offer more services and resolve your clients’ primary pain points.
A car service app typically works in two ways:
  1. A client places an order asking to do specific maintenance jobs or fix particular malfunctions – your app sends a fixed quote – mechanics visit a client and do jobs – a client pays safely via an app.
  2. A client places an order without knowing what’s wrong – a mechanic visits a client to do a car’s diagnostic and create a quote – your specialists fix malfunctions – a client pays safely via an app.
When you create a car service app, it can be supported by a physical auto repair shop or simply work on demand. In any case, make sure to hire experienced mechanics who can service all types of vehicles and fix problems of any difficulty, from an oil change to brake repair. ASE certification is also essential when you build a trustworthy car service business.
If you’re planning to build and monetize this kind of software, you need to consider the two popular business models:
A car service company can order web site or app development and ask for customization, which means the end-product will look and function for your specific needs, goals, tasks, and problem-solving. This way, developers use the advanced technology stack to create an efficient business tool for you.
Exceed Team’s experience It’s highly profitable for a car service center to have a modern website combined with a mobile app working on both operating systems, iOS and Android.
You can also build a car service app functioning as an aggregator or a marketplace. It can host multiple businesses that can’t afford to create platforms of their own. You will list them on your app, enabling each to create a profile, promote their car repair services, and connect with clients. Car owners will register on your app to quickly find the nearest and most convenient options.
The global market staticstics say that the car repair and maintenance industry will increase to $810.30 billion by 2026. It’s a growing and thriving business sector in most countries.
When you create a car service app, you can use five monetization strategies.
  1. Service fees. This way, you charge your clients for the performed jobs.
  2. Premium subscription. You can expand your app’s functionality and make specific advanced features available only by paid subscription.
  3. Commissions. This strategy will work perfectly if you create an aggregator app for various car service centers. They will pay in two ways – monthly fees for being on your app and a fixed commission for each time a client orders any service.
  4. Special listing. You place some car repair shops in a specific section so that they become more visible for your app’s users. Businesses pay you for this premium advertising.
  5. Advertisements. In any car service app, you can sell space for other companies’ related ads (e.g., car retail, electronic devices, spares and suppliers, car oil, different types of automotive apps, and many more.) It begins to work as soon as your app gathers consistent traffic.
Exceed Team’s experience If you’re planning to build a car service app for your own company, we recommend making a diagnostic visit completely free, as it helps create a wider network of users and enhance customers’ trust.
  1. Chatbots. They work perfectly for car service aggregators (marketplaces), providing an incredible user experience. Experienced developers can build any kind of bot for your app – from simple conversational ones to a custom chatbot based on your company’s specific needs and requirements. Chatbot help users book any car repair service quickly and conveniently. They also give precise information and deliver reminders.
  2. Voice Assistants. You can use Siri, Cortona, Alexa, or Google Assistant to create an exciting and very convenient booking experience for your customers. App developers can integrate Voice-first technology into your product, making it stand out among others.
  3. In-app Diagnostic Systems. Created to monitor a vehicle’s condition and performance, they provide useful information to prevent serious malfunctions, remind about an oil change or tire replacement, etc.
  4. Third-party APIs. In the nearest future, app developers will create more connections between different pieces of software, including various automotive apps and devices, Google tools, social media, etc.
A car service app (or a website) will work smoothly with a number of basic features. Later, when your app gets enough traffic, you can always hire developers to build extended functionality giving your clients and employees more options.
Necessary features for a car service app:
Exceed Team’s experience We advise you to create valuable profiles on the app for a company and each mechanic. Make ASE certificates, rewards, and other trust-building features visible for potential and existing clients.
If you want to create an app to solve more of your clients’ pain points and engage a broader audience, we recommend building a car service platform with more creative functionality.
This American startup emerged in 2014 and has raised $20 million by 2019. One of the distinguishing features of this car service platform is a high level of trust – the company managed to build it with fast and efficient services and helpful online tools for their clients. This car service app offers:
Wrench is available both as a website and as an app working on Android and iOS.
This car service app is one of the industry leaders’ in the USA and Canada, with 1.3 million vehicles registered in the system. Both an app and a website are focused on the utterly transparent process of diagnosing, booking an appointment and paying for a service. This car service platform has:
This is a product from a famous European company CARFAX that previously created an app and a website enabling each car owner to check a vehicle’s history. The new app is called myCARFAX and works as a car service aggregator. It helps users:
Feature Technology
Frontend iOS development Swift, React Native
Frontend Android development Android Studio (Java), Android SDK
UI/UX design Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Payment Integrations Stripe, ApplePay
Databases MongoDB, MySQL
Cloud Environment Amazon Web Services
Push Notifications Push.IO, Twilio
Real-Time Analytics Big Data, Google Analytics
Exceed Team’s experience If you want to create a fast-working car service app, apply a well-thought design, and build all necessary features, we suggest hiring a team of senior and middle developers from an outsourcing company. These professionals will maintain excellent teamwork and provide much better results than freelancers.
The team you will need to create a car service app:
  1. For an app’s client-side – 2-4 frontend developers (if you want to launch your product on both platforms, you’ll need 2 Android and 2 iOS developers);
  2. For a server-side – 2 backend developers;
  3. For user-friendly, engaging design – 1 UI/UX designer;
  4. For testing before an app’s launch – 1 QA engineer;
  5. For time-management, trouble-shooting, and effective communication – 1 project manager;
  6. For making your app competitive in the market – 1 business analyst.
How much is it to create a car service app? Consider the following pricing factors.
  1. Which technology do you wish to use? Think about its type and sophistication (platforms, third-party APIs, etc.).
  2. What functionality features do you need? You can start with basic ones or create advanced features as well.
  3. How do you want to use the benefits of UI/UE design and development?
  4. Does your car service app require customization for the brand’s specificities?
  5. Think about the team to create your product. The more experienced developers you need, the more it costs.
  6. Wisely choose a development company’s location and brand.
Are you wondering how to create a cost-efficient solution? We advise you to hire a team of developers from Eastern Europe. All things considered, you need to budget $25-30 thousand approximately.
An app for a car usually serves a lot of different purposes. You can create a service for road navigation, inspecting fuel prices, or finding a parking spot. New technologies emerge daily, giving designers and developers inspiration to build a cutting-edge app or website. One of the latest ideas is to create an app that supports vehicle maintenance. If you keep in mind that 77% of the world population already own smartphones and that all recently manufactured cars are by default connected to some mobile devices, creating a car service app is a substantial idea.
Exceed Team’s experienceIt’s worth considering that the most popular products are available on both operating systems, Android and iOS. It means you can reach a wider audience for your car service app.
According to the IHS survey, an average American’s car age of 11.5, and by 2021 there will be around 76 million ones older than 15 years. People tend to keep their cars longer – it opens lots of possibilities to offer multiple repair services. However, the newer cars (5 years old or less) also demand good maintenance, and the survey predicts a number of them grow by 25%. All in all, the number of people in need of reliable car service will continue growing – it’s estimated that 18% of Americans will annually use it in 2021-2022. This industry is likely to keep increasing profits. If you want to create an app for car repair services in 2021, don’t hesitate and start discussing your idea with developers.
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