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Mar 22 2021


DevOps is a common work of developers with IT specialists, the result is to improve the quality and speed of creating or updating a software product (or service).
DevOps goals:
  1. Reduction the time a new/updated software;
  2. Reducing the failure rate of new releases;
  3. Reduction the time with on-site testers;
  4. Reducing the amount of time to recover (in case of a new version failure or other shutdown of the current system).
DevOps is used by those companies that need fast time to market and constant software updates.


To achieve these goals, the DevOps team must standardize the development and testing phases. Ideally, each team member should have access to the project at any stage and understand at what stage software development is now. It is necessary in order to quickly conduct a test or fix a problem that has arisen.
DevOps is useless without a well-established development script. That is why effective use of DevOps is connected with the use of specific tools and architecture-relevant requirements (ASR).
DevOps tools, providing competent team work is an algorithm that every year tries to become generalized for a project of any complexity. The standard DevOps algorithm looks like this:
  1. Coding - code development and analytics, development version control tools, merging of written code;
  2. Build - tools for continuous integration of generated codes;
  3. Testing - continuous testing tools that provide a quick and timely assessment of the risks of the project being developed and their quick elimination;
  4. Packaging - artifact repository, app pre-installation;
  5. Release - change management, formal release approval, application release automation;
  6. Setup - configuration and management of software infrastructure;
  7. Monitoring - measuring application performance, end-user interaction;
  8. Continuous support of the developed application;
  9. Continuous integration of additional updates.
Each of the described steps of the algorithm contains its own set of tools, the description of which can turn into a separate book.


DevOps is an automating application development and updates with the concerted efforts of a dedicated team. Any business in 2021 is going to create its own application that uses for:
DevOps for business, as a transition from manual labor to automated production technologies. Now, DevOps team services are in demand in all popular applications in the world, since constant updates also require constant monitoring.
So, you can get an example with various applications. Currently, each app has a basic set of features that consumers expect to see in 2021 and advanced features that are found in a number of popular apps in their segment. In addition, there are trends that are just beginning to be applied in a number of applications and are driving the industry.
For presentation purposes, the Exceed Team will describe the basic and advanced features of streaming service apps such as TikTok, Instagram Stories, or Netflix.
Basic functions:
All features are the standard set that 2020 consumers have come to expect from streaming services. At this stage, you need to decide what kind of streaming service is preferable for you.
Advanced features:
If you are interested in the trends of applications of streaming services or other types of applications - you can go to our blog. Every week, the Exceed Team releases a series of articles that tell about:
In order to quickly develop and update your application in a timely manner, you need DevOps services.


The algorithm of the DevOps team was described above. Now, our team would like to show you what services DevOps can provide to its customers. The most obvious way to see the reliability of DevOps is to study business representatives who are already actively using DevOps. These include:
And many others. In fact, all applications/software products/systems that are constantly updated are the result of the work of the DevOps team.
Collecting statistics on modern entrepreneurs who own their own applications/software products in the United States shows that:
Outside of statistical data, there is a general increase in the quality of all applications/software products/systems that have implemented DevOps in their work. You can observe this by seeing the number of apps that want to make updates on your phone during the month.
Another powerful argument for entrepreneurs in favor of DevOps is to reduce the number of employees while maintaining the quality and efficiency of work. This was made possible by a clear algorithm, assigning specific tasks to a specific specialist, and constantly optimizing the existing algorithm.


This article was written by the Exceed Team so everyone, who wants to create their own application/software product does not feel afraid of not understanding the DevOps structure and can accurately formulate their idea to the DevOps team.
Any questions? Write to us! We will study your project and advise you on any questions that arise.
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