How to create a perfect web application for real estate business automation
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How to create a perfect web application for real estate business automation

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Jun 03 2020
In the contemporary world, real estate business means not only buying, selling, and renting homes and flats – it’s also associated with various operations involving commercial buildings, storage facilities, and other kinds of properties. Working in real estate is also handling all the complex interactions among realtor, property owner, and consumer. This business is continuously growing and developing. For example, the sales of newly built houses in the US have been increasing for the last 7 years, and it is projected to be around 590.00 thousand units in 2020, according to Trading Economics forecast.
How to create a perfect web application for real estate business automation
The sales of existing houses have a tendency to increase as well. There are many other remarkable trends in the real estate, such as generational shifts and using digital technologies. Such dynamic changes in modern real estate business require relevant software system for managing business processes, including communication between all involved parties, operating the huge databases of customers, arrangement of a lengthy process of searching, selecting and completing the property deal, etc. What are real estate apps needed for? Many of these operations should be automated. Otherwise, it is really difficult to keep track of all the contacts, emails, property details, documents associated with the real estate operations. Thus, if you are a real estate broker or just a person interested in a single property deal, a good software application will definitely make your life easier. There are some main points of real estate web app development. Main aspects of real estate web application development Many business managers in Real Estate use widespread applications or build a simple website on a CMS platform like WordPress. But if you want to exceed your business competitors and increase your business, you should offer your customers the best services. As a rule, this requires developing a suitable web application. Below we’ll enumerate the most important points of web application development for Real Estate:

1. Lead generation and marketing.

Indeed it’s a hard task to find a relevant Lead in Real Estate. The industry is flooded with home buyer/seller leads but few of them are valuable. It’s almost impossible to engage manually with an enormous quantity of leads. Software web system can help to process the necessary leads - establish and cultivate them.

1 lead generation and marketing

2. Automated workforce.

The most important advantage of launching web application in any business is the excellent opportunity of automatization of many manual daily routine tasks and processes. Particularly, in Real Estate this saves time and money spent on performing these activities. Smart well-designed software system with innovate web technologies will be extra-efficient in the following business areas in Real Estate:
  • real estate brokerage, including multiple activities - searching and negotiating properties, communication, client management, branding and advertising - all are connected with property buying, selling or renting
  • property management, including tracking service requests and maintenance, tenant screening and selection, contract management, lease administration, rent collection and insurance - all for automating interactions between clients and property managers
  • real estate data services for arranging of storing, sharing and analyzing property data;
  • property construction and investment management Bear in mind, that smart and efficient Software system should be developed and introduced to your business gradually with QA, testing and tuning of each new module. So, don’t rush the things, if you want to get a proper automation of all business processes.

3. Advanced user experience.

Attractive and nice interface is nowadays not the first thing in real estate web development for evaluation of user experience. Modern customers and business users want the application that anticipates their wishes and require their needs. An efficient, full-functional Real Estate application with great usability increases overall efficiency of the business. So, clean and intuitive interface and the excellent usability are possibly the main aspects of success in building web apps for realtors and real estate agents.
3 advanced user experience

4.The combination of devices’ variety.

The number of devices and technologies used in Real Estate industry is extremely fast increasing. Technologies of traditional mobile devices such as wearable gadgets, sensors, drones and other smart devices can be performed by real estate software and web developers and applied to the business systems to increase productivity of real estate agents and the usability for consumers. Such modern trends as The Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) become also popular in Real Estate. Agents in the industry are always in action, they should be always available instantly and flexible for any interactions and communication with consumers. They should be always capable of pulling listings, checking emails, contact clients and do other tasks from any location and device.
4the combination of devices variety
The aim of effective real estate web application is collecting all the data from variety of devices, arranging it and integrating it with the business processes. Its task is an efficient interaction between all connected systems.
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5.Big data and analytics.

The variety of information sources, enormous and constantly growing databases in real estate industry is a significant thing with which web applications deal. A great flow of data from different sources (CRM systems, mass media, etc.) and in various forms (text, audio, video) - must be processes fast and serve for the customers’ usability to get any necessary information at any time. So, the requirements to database performance in real estate are very high and refer to using advanced data processing technologies. Modern real estate software will be the best solution for dealing with big data. Conclusion Modern realities in all spheres of life make us think of up - to date tools, technologies and processes. In real estate industry, it’s a good time for brokers to think if their services and technology systems are ready to meet the growing requirements of the market. It requires from the market players to observe the latest industry trends and follow them to improve business processes. This is almost impossible without smart and useful web applications. As for creating real estate web applications, you should remember, that it requires time and the technology stack chosen with great care, for providing reliable work of all business processes and ready to meet any modern consumers’ requests. We are open to any necessary advice on the subject. If you search for a reliable and skilled advisor and performer for your project - don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention! Read more on our blog
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